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I’m bringin’ lazy back!

Lazy and procrastination that is.   I have probably written a dozen posts wherein I mention something about me being a procrastinator or just prove to be a procrastinator just by writing them (hence this blog post).

I am sitting for Sections I and II or the NCIDQ exam this Friday (it is now Wednesday) which is the certification exam for Interior Designers.  There are 3 sections total to become certified.  Of course I opted out of the 3rd section for now for one it’s a practicum portion which means drawing and actual designing, which is my weak link and two it takes place on a Saturday and there is nothing that would have me sitting in a silent test room for 8 hours on a Saturday during college football season.  I have priorities!

People spend months to years studying for this exam, but as I wrote in a previous post, “I don’t Study!” so of course I’ve waited till a few days before the test to even open the book I purchased a month ago.   I was glancing through the “Introduction” which includes some helpful study tips.  It list 6 steps to successful studying and when I read #6 I had to just laugh out loud.

Step 6:  Stop studying a day or two before the exam to relax.  By this time, no amount of cramming will help.

hahahhaha….I’ll show them!  I am working in reverse and only beginnign to study a day or two before the exam.  531 total pages of study material.  24 down 507 to go!!   Wish me luck! 😛

brown paper packages all tied up with string…

…these are a few of my favorite things!

I am not normally one for plugging products or the such, but I’ve been enjoying some of my favorite things lately and even found a few new ones so I thought I’d share with the rest of the blog-o-sphere.

  1. Virginia Tech Football – this is a no-brainer.  Some might say this isn’t really a tangible “thing”…but when you get the chance to fly clear across this great country to attend a game in person it definitely become tangible.  I used some hotel points and airline miles to get myself to two games already this season and thanks to a well-timed work trip to DC will be making it to at least one more game.  I love Hokie Football!
  2. Theo Chocolate – Chocolate is so yummy and when it comes from a local factory in Seattle that is the only Ceritfied Organic, Free-Trade, Bean-to-Bar factory in the country it makes it that much sweeter.  A little peice of dark chocolate every now and then actually contains some good stuff.  I love their 84% Ghana Dark Chocolate and their Bread & Chocolate bar is just to die for.   3400-phinney-group
  3. EOS Lip Balm –  I’ll put on a little lipstick for special occassions, but really I’m a gloss and chapstick girl.   The past few years I’ve migrated from old school Chapstik brand to Bert’s Bee’s, which is more organic and just seemed to work better…but by accident I happened upon a link to get a free lip balm from Evolution of Smooth (EOS) so I submitted my address and 3 weeks later I had my cute little sphere of lip balm in my mail box.  This lip blam not only comes in awesome flavors and in this awesomely cute little sphere but it is by far the longest lasting lip balm I have ever used!   Even after eating lunch there is no need to reapply.  My lips are soft and smooth and just loving this little sphere of balm.  The added’s organic! which of course is all us Seattle people care about.  Buy it now!  shop_sphere_min_medium
  4. Rainbow Flip-Flops – I used to be strictly a “Reefs” wearing, but my senior year of college I caved in and made the $45 purchase of Rainbow Sandals.  Still Ioccassionaly don my black or pink Reefs for old time sake or if the outfit deems it necessary, but I would say 95% of my summer is spent in my faithful Rainbow flip-flops.  Sure my feet have left permanent feet prints on the leather footbed and yes I have spilled beer on these shoes more times than I care to admit, but they are still the most comfortable flip-flops I have ever put on my tiny little feet.   As the summer weather comes to an end here in Seattle I am saddened that my rainbows will not see as much wear time.  The cold weather in VA was never a reason to keep my feet from my rainbow flippie floppies, but the wet rainy months here in Seattle has me placing my rainbows on a self until the ground dries.   Mine almost look like this but I love them anyway.
  5. GuarWorniPhone – sure I don’t exactly have oneof these yet, but it’s only a matter of weeks maybe days till I head to the nearest Apple store to pick out my brand new iPhone.  The hardest part will be deciding which App to buy first.  The Ikea app has caught my attention…but I have a feeling a whole post will form once I finallly get my iPhone that I’ve been dreaming about since the first day they were sold a few years ago.
  6. Pandora Radio –  sure they have started to limit your listening time to 40 hours/month but a mere $30 payment let’s you listen unlimited for an entire year and download a cool little Pandora player which means no more cursing when you accidentally close your browser or having to click “I’m still listening” every 1-3 hours.   I admit to being obcessed with a few certain stations such as “Adele” for my calming days and “Lady Gaga” and “Flo Rida” when I need some dance music pick-me-ups, but no matter what my mood Pandora is there for me.  Even when I’m needing some Disco to get me through the day.  Oh yeah.. Pandora will be my first download from the Apple App Store!

Ok…I could on and on with this list, rambling about my Coach Sunglasses, my Chi Flat-Iron, my Nintendo Wii, my unadulterated obcession with Chick-Fil-AIMG00005 and blah blah blah blah, but I’ll stop while I’m ahead.   Besides…I’m sure you’re bored to tears by now.   I’ll end with just one last thing and this may just be my most favorite thing of all…no descrption needed…..232323232%7Ffp933)nu=3238)49;)833)WSNRCG=325 247 8338nu0mrj

i don’t study

How I ever made it through college, let alone High school, middle school, and even elementary school is a miracle.  I hate studying.  Sure in 2nd grade I was the only student in the entire grade who went the entire school year with nothing but straight A’s, I even have a trophy to prove it, and in 5th grade I got another trophy for getting straight A’s the entire year..but those grades were easy.  Starting at the age of 2.5 I encouraged my sister to set up a “play” school and teach me everything she learned at school that day when she got home so I guess I was always a few years ahead of myself.

I’m not trying to brag, but I’ve always been told I had natural smarts, and I’ll be the first to admit I never worked hard at school, honestly I barely worked at all.  If it wasn’t for all the stupid graded homework I would’ve graduation high school with a 4.0!  Stupid homework!   In 11th grade I asked my math teacher why we needed to do 30-40 math problems every night?  It seemed so repeatedive and just a plain waste of my time.  Her response was that is was “practice” and if I didn’t practice the problems I would never pass the tests.  Being the lovely smart-ass 16 year old I was at the time (…and sometimes still am! haha) I told her I was not going to do the homework and still get an A on the test just to prove her wrong.  So I didn’t do a ounce of homework for an entire 9-week grading period and then got a 99% on the test.  It would’ve been a 100% if I hadn’t forgotten to put the “units” on an answer to a silly word problem.  Either way, I had proved my point and therefore thought she would excuse me from my homework…ha!  I was wrong i got a 0 (zero) for my homework average and a 99% for my test average, but even though the test was worth more in my grade it still only averaged to like a 65!  I got a D!   I was mortified, but I knew that it wasn’t because I wasn’t smart, it was as my mother would later say, “I was bored”.   I was bored to tears at school, everything just seemed like common sense and easy so I slept my way through classes, skipped school to go to the beach, and was just plain lazy.  Through all that I still graduated high school with a 3.4 GPA and then went on to college to be even more lazy and graduated with a 3.4 GPA again!   I can even recall losing a bet with friends for being the first one to miss/skip a class.  It was only the first day and by 10am I had already skipped my very first class of the semester.

Either way,  at the ripe age of 26 and a little more than 4 years out of college I find myself studying again.  This time for a certification exam for Interior Design, which I haven’t really practiced in 2+ years!   People spend months and months preparing for this test, hours each day studying, and taking prepartory classes just for a chance to pass and here I am on Monday evening, a mere 4 days before test day and all I’ve done is read through one chapter in my study guide, which I don’t remember a bit of today, got sunburned while studying and I’m sitting on my couch typing a blog post rather than studying.  What can I say…I just don’t study.  I don’t have the motivation, I never have.   I’m not sure my natural smarts will get me by on this test…but we’ll see.   I was never destined to be a student.  I don’t study.

the comeback heard ’round the NCAA

This post is basically a week overdue, but I have to jump on the bandwagon and throw in my two cents about the miraculous win Virginia Tech pulled out of thin air last Saturday against the Nebraska Corn-Huskers.  I had the amazing opportunity to be in the stands in Lane Stadium for this game.  It was the best $$ I have ever spent for a flight from WA to VA.   I was convinced that the Hokies had all but lost the game with 2 minutes left.  Let’s face it, we are NOT a “make big plays and come back” team.  Heck when we were down and the tuba line took the field to play the Hokie Pokie I was already thinking how long my flight back to Seattle would be while having to mull over another loss, but no matter what I NEVER leave the stands early (or leave the tv for all the times I’m in Seattle watching a game).  No matter if my team plays 58 minutes of the worse offense in college football I still support my team and refuse to leave the stands till the clock hits 00:00.  Those dumb-a$$ people who left early, poor sapps who missed what I think is the greatest ending to a Hokie Football game in my generation.  One week later I am still unsure if it really happened and I still get goosebumps watching the replay.  I’m fairly certain my heart stopped as the ball was in the air on that 81 yard pass to Danny Coale in stride down the side-line..then I cheered more than I have ever cheered in my life…he was called out of bounds at the 3 yard line.  Again my heart stopped…the stands went silent and from the 11 yard line the ball was snapped and I think I lost 5 years off my life while Tyrod Taylor scrambled for what seemed like an eternity before throwing a bullet into the endzone for a last minute TD to win the game.   Ok…enough of my lame attempt to recap the game, just watch the video after the jump and relive it for yourself.

And if you think that is amazing…check out this amazing stunt to score a touchdown and win a game with only 2 seconds left on the clock…now how they got this entire dance sequence done before the shot-clock expired is beyond me…but if our offense doesn’t improve greatly this Saturday against Miami we very well may need a stunt like this of our own to pull our another miraculous win, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we can win the old fashioned with Lunch Pail defense and Beamer Ball special teams…