how dare they!

Oh the humanity!  The world is coming to an end…. (*gasp!)   I know it’s hard to believe, it’s almost unfathomable, yet it has happened.  My lovely inexpensive warehouse of a sweidish furniture store has gone and done the unthinkable…(doomsday music begins to play)…they Changed Their FONT!

That is right folks…Ikea switched their font for the first time in 50 years from Futura to Verdana in their new 2010 catalog (which I already have 2 copies of…why 2? cause I’m special like that).

Seriously thought people…who freakin’ cares if Ikea changed the font in their catalog.  I didn’t even notice!  Apparently some people did though..

A week ago, Romanian design consultant Marius Ursache started an online petition called “Ikea, please get rid of Verdana.” On Sunday, the campaign had more than 2,700 signatures.

The move to a simple, modern-looking font also fueled Twitter posts such as “Ikea, stop the Verdana madness” and “Words can’t describe my disgust.”

Apparently folks are up-in-arms about this font change, even using Twitter to express their feelings…but seriously people get over it.  That is at least until Crate & Barrell changes their font to Tahoma…then the world will just stand still!

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