Big things are coming…

Well loyal blog readers (mom!) it’s that time of year again!  If you know me in the slightest bit you should know exactly what I’m referring to….College Football Season!!  More importantly Virginia Tech Football is starting in a mere 9 days, 49 mins & 18 seconds from the time I’m typing this post (not to be exact or anything).

This marks the first time in 7 seasons that I will not be headed to every game.  I managed to only miss a few in 2008 due to my big move to Seattle thanks to my client the IRS who kept me coming back East every week during the fall.  It’s gonna be a rough season, not neccessarily for the Hokie Football team, but for myself as a fan.  I honestly think one of the few reasons I stayed miserable and lived in Northern VA for 3+ years was because at least I was close to Hokie Football.  It took me a long time to realize I couldn’t live my life for football alone (I am still trying to convince myself of this) and move 3000 miles away from my beloved Lane Stadium and my second home of Blacksburg, VA.  I love Seattle and moving here one of the best decisions of my life, but I know I left a big chunk of my heart up in the nosebleed section 123 in Lane Stadium.  Hopefully my parents will still feel my pressence during games this year.

Ok…enough whining about missing football games…what I am excited about is already having Plane tickets and plans to hit up two games this season.  Two games in a mere 2 week span!  Yes, I am crazy!!   This is how crazy I really am…

  • Thursday Sept 3rd – 9am movers show up at my semi-ghetto Belltown apartment to move all my stuff and boxes to my lovely new condo apartment on the waterfront!  Hooray for better apartments and paying the cheapest rent since $300/month at the bomb shelter in Blacksburg…RIP 502 Roanoke Street, you smelled funky but I loved you.
  • Friday Sept 4th – Hop on a 6:58 AM direct flight to “hot”lanta, GA for the 1st Hokie Game of the season versus Alabama…Roll Tide?  What the heck is that??   We’re gonna gobble gobble all over that crimson tide or water or whatever the heck they are.  GO HOKIES!
  • Sunday Sept 6th – Arrive back to Seattle after a Glorious VT victory over the rolling water red thingys and what i know to be an fantabulous weekend with family, friends, and hokies galore to a new apartment of boxes…ugh!  Now I know why they call it Labor day…cause I’ll be laboring over those boxes all day!

<Fast Forward 2 weeks>

  • Friday Sept 18th – Hope on 7:10AM Flight to Richmond, VA where I’ll be picked up in the infamous “Hokie Mobile” (yes, my parents really refer to their car as the Hokie Mobile…no joke!) and head straight to Blacksburg!
  • Saturday Sept 19th – Welcome some of the best and most respectful fans of college football (in my opinion), the Nebraska Cornhuskers, to Blacksburg, treat them with respect, invite them t tailgate, then we’re gonna gobble up all that corn and spit it out on the field.  We’ll be huskin’ corn all the day through or whatever it is those people in Nebraska do…Hokie Victory is a must!
  • Sunday Sept 20th -hitch a ride with a cousin or friend (whoever is headed my way…) to DC where I’ll try to meet up with my lovely Jacobs ladies to undoubtedly drink our IRS stress away with margaritas (If I’m not still hung-over from celebrating th humungous VT win on Saturday!…sorry mom).
  • Monday Sept 21th – Cry a bit that I’m leaving Virginia (Not Northern Virginia…good riddens, but the home of my Hokies) as I hop on a FREE (thank you IRS once again) 8am flight back to Seattle.

True fans travel…true fans move their entire apartment one day and up and catch a 6:58AM flight the next morning to fly completely across the country for a game.  True fans gobble gobble!!   I can hear the music now…

Can you hear it???….you better be jumping……here we go………..LET’S GO!!!!!…HOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you’re still not pumped up (which is almost impossible)  check this out—->

……..oh yeah, my whole body just got the chills from watching that, goosebumps and all…I am a true fan!


1 thought on “Big things are coming…

  1. I’m with you! Go Hokies! Yes, it will be strange not to have you sitting with us in Lane Stadium….trying to stand on the bench so you can see over the 6’5″ guy in front of us (who apologizes profusely for being tall….and always checking if you can see the action….he’s a nice guy, but aren’t all Hokies? I’m not sure Aunt Jan can yell as loud as you….or get as excited as you….or will jump up and down to Sandman like you….sigh……


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