coffee shop office

So, I have discovered the secret world of coffee shop office workers!  For the past two days I’ve had to trek downtown for appointments at the IRS office in Seattle (Yes, I pay my taxes…they are actually my client at work!).  Either way, I’ve needed access to internet without making the 20 min walk home so I’ve ducked into a local coffee shop to snag a snack and some free internet service.  I will admit that I’ve walked by many a coffee shop in the early morning or on Fridays and seen tons of people huddled at tables with laptops out, and always wondering how people seemed to work from coffee shops.  The noises, the people, all the distractions.

But…I will say after two days of working from a coffee shop that it’s fantastic.   The people ordering coffee and the baristas chit-chatting behind the counter become welcome white noise and the smell of fresh brewed coffee and warmth of wood and general coffee house decor just make the place so inviting!  I’ve been so productive!  Why don’t all offices design themselves to look like coffee shops?  I think it would raise productivity immensely!

I may have to talk to my boss about making downtown coffee shops my permanent office.  The time goes by faster, I work faster, and there are less distractions.  Plus if I get bored I can just get up and walk to the next block and the next coffee shop to get more work done.  No more sitting in a cold grey office just staring at the walls waiting for the day to be over.  Corporate offices are depressing.   I may never return to the office again!

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