Yes! The I-R-S

I’m fairly certain that all 5 of my loyal blog readers know that one of my largest clients at work is the IRS, yes the Internal Revenue Service.  In fact they have been my sole client for 2+ years now.  There are definitely days that I think to myself, “I need to just cut and run.  How did I end up in this line of work?”, but through all the frustration and stress it hasn’t been that bad and I’ve gotten myself a fairly decent “2nd in command” position on the project, right under the PM who really just handles the contract and financials.

Either way, I have been in possession of a Government Laptop for almost 1 year, which gives me access to all those confidential files and secret information the IRS doesn’t want you to find out about.  Actually not really, but the laptop security people are no joke…I lose this laptop and I go to jail! AHHH!

I do have a good point to his blog post, I just can’t seem to get there…ok, to the point…I have access to the IRWeb which is the IRS intranet and each week they post a new survey question or “poll” on the homepage for people to answer and then you see the results.  I actually look forward to the weekly poll (Go ahead, shake your head in disappoint now…I am a nerd!)  The polls cover a very broad range of topics everything from your opinion on government pay raises (to which I gleefully choose “against”, since I know for a fact that most gov’t employees just sit on their butts all day and do nothing) to do you prefer coke or pepsi.  I opened my browser today excited to see the new question and was taken back a little. Decide for yourself…

When a taxpayer threatens to commit suicide, you should:

  • Stay calm and remain on the phone with the taxpayer
  • Take the threat seriously
  • Determine the information you will need to notify the authorities who can help
  • Ask a co-worker to notify your manager immediately
  • All of the above

Is this really an issue??  How many people call the IRS and threaten to commit suicide.  Is our government that backwards that we have people threatening to end their life due to some back-taxes?  Why doesn’t the IRS just invite them over for a beer so they can talk about it and work out their issues, then not only is everyone alive, but a little buzzed too!   I immediately chose “All of the Above” and I am happy to report that so did 96% of the other responders, although I admit to being nervous to see the results.

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