home is where the space needle is

It’s really hard to believe I have lived in Seattle for almost a year now!  I feel like there is so much I still haven’t seen or done in the city and still feel like I’m a recent transplant, but I guess coming up on the 1 year mark means I’m truly a Seattle resident now.  I love living here, minus the lack of AC in 100+ degree heat, but that is just one minor set-back to the otherwise glorious and beautiful pacific Northwest.

Seattle is a unique city with plenty of characters and an eclectic vibe that never ceases to surprise me.  It’s a complete 180 from the stark corporate & politic vibe of Washington, DC, which must be why I love it here so much.   Some people keep saying that I’ll get over Seattle and move back East soon, but I’m writing to tell all you people not to hold your breathe cause I think Seattle is going to be “home” for quite a while.

Now almost one year after the big cross-country move I’m embarking on the dreaded apartment hunt again.  Don’t worry, I am staying in Seattle but living here for one year has given me a better idea of what streets I want to live on and knowing that I want to  find a condo that I can rent long-term without all the fees and jacked up rents that commercial apartments give you.   I found a great place today for dirt cheap with only a few draw backs, so I’m serisouly considering it and keeping my eyes peeled on craigslist daily for any great units opening up.

If you’ve never been to the Pacific Northwest now is the best time to come visit.  It’s sunny and warm without all the east coast humidity and now you have a friend to visit and show you the sites, and if you’re nice a free place to stay!

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