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how dare they!

Oh the humanity!  The world is coming to an end…. (*gasp!)   I know it’s hard to believe, it’s almost unfathomable, yet it has happened.  My lovely inexpensive warehouse of a sweidish furniture store has gone and done the unthinkable…(doomsday music begins to play)…they Changed Their FONT!

That is right folks…Ikea switched their font for the first time in 50 years from Futura to Verdana in their new 2010 catalog (which I already have 2 copies of…why 2? cause I’m special like that).

Seriously thought people…who freakin’ cares if Ikea changed the font in their catalog.  I didn’t even notice!  Apparently some people did though..

A week ago, Romanian design consultant Marius Ursache started an online petition called “Ikea, please get rid of Verdana.” On Sunday, the campaign had more than 2,700 signatures.

The move to a simple, modern-looking font also fueled Twitter posts such as “Ikea, stop the Verdana madness” and “Words can’t describe my disgust.”

Apparently folks are up-in-arms about this font change, even using Twitter to express their feelings…but seriously people get over it.  That is at least until Crate & Barrell changes their font to Tahoma…then the world will just stand still!

Big things are coming…

Well loyal blog readers (mom!) it’s that time of year again!  If you know me in the slightest bit you should know exactly what I’m referring to….College Football Season!!  More importantly Virginia Tech Football is starting in a mere 9 days, 49 mins & 18 seconds from the time I’m typing this post (not to be exact or anything).

This marks the first time in 7 seasons that I will not be headed to every game.  I managed to only miss a few in 2008 due to my big move to Seattle thanks to my client the IRS who kept me coming back East every week during the fall.  It’s gonna be a rough season, not neccessarily for the Hokie Football team, but for myself as a fan.  I honestly think one of the few reasons I stayed miserable and lived in Northern VA for 3+ years was because at least I was close to Hokie Football.  It took me a long time to realize I couldn’t live my life for football alone (I am still trying to convince myself of this) and move 3000 miles away from my beloved Lane Stadium and my second home of Blacksburg, VA.  I love Seattle and moving here one of the best decisions of my life, but I know I left a big chunk of my heart up in the nosebleed section 123 in Lane Stadium.  Hopefully my parents will still feel my pressence during games this year.

Ok…enough whining about missing football games…what I am excited about is already having Plane tickets and plans to hit up two games this season.  Two games in a mere 2 week span!  Yes, I am crazy!!   This is how crazy I really am…

  • Thursday Sept 3rd – 9am movers show up at my semi-ghetto Belltown apartment to move all my stuff and boxes to my lovely new condo apartment on the waterfront!  Hooray for better apartments and paying the cheapest rent since $300/month at the bomb shelter in Blacksburg…RIP 502 Roanoke Street, you smelled funky but I loved you.
  • Friday Sept 4th – Hop on a 6:58 AM direct flight to “hot”lanta, GA for the 1st Hokie Game of the season versus Alabama…Roll Tide?  What the heck is that??   We’re gonna gobble gobble all over that crimson tide or water or whatever the heck they are.  GO HOKIES!
  • Sunday Sept 6th – Arrive back to Seattle after a Glorious VT victory over the rolling water red thingys and what i know to be an fantabulous weekend with family, friends, and hokies galore to a new apartment of boxes…ugh!  Now I know why they call it Labor day…cause I’ll be laboring over those boxes all day!

<Fast Forward 2 weeks>

  • Friday Sept 18th – Hope on 7:10AM Flight to Richmond, VA where I’ll be picked up in the infamous “Hokie Mobile” (yes, my parents really refer to their car as the Hokie Mobile…no joke!) and head straight to Blacksburg!
  • Saturday Sept 19th – Welcome some of the best and most respectful fans of college football (in my opinion), the Nebraska Cornhuskers, to Blacksburg, treat them with respect, invite them t tailgate, then we’re gonna gobble up all that corn and spit it out on the field.  We’ll be huskin’ corn all the day through or whatever it is those people in Nebraska do…Hokie Victory is a must!
  • Sunday Sept 20th -hitch a ride with a cousin or friend (whoever is headed my way…) to DC where I’ll try to meet up with my lovely Jacobs ladies to undoubtedly drink our IRS stress away with margaritas (If I’m not still hung-over from celebrating th humungous VT win on Saturday!…sorry mom).
  • Monday Sept 21th – Cry a bit that I’m leaving Virginia (Not Northern Virginia…good riddens, but the home of my Hokies) as I hop on a FREE (thank you IRS once again) 8am flight back to Seattle.

True fans travel…true fans move their entire apartment one day and up and catch a 6:58AM flight the next morning to fly completely across the country for a game.  True fans gobble gobble!!   I can hear the music now…

Can you hear it???….you better be jumping……here we go………..LET’S GO!!!!!…HOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you’re still not pumped up (which is almost impossible)  check this out—->

……..oh yeah, my whole body just got the chills from watching that, goosebumps and all…I am a true fan!


coffee shop office

So, I have discovered the secret world of coffee shop office workers!  For the past two days I’ve had to trek downtown for appointments at the IRS office in Seattle (Yes, I pay my taxes…they are actually my client at work!).  Either way, I’ve needed access to internet without making the 20 min walk home so I’ve ducked into a local coffee shop to snag a snack and some free internet service.  I will admit that I’ve walked by many a coffee shop in the early morning or on Fridays and seen tons of people huddled at tables with laptops out, and always wondering how people seemed to work from coffee shops.  The noises, the people, all the distractions.

But…I will say after two days of working from a coffee shop that it’s fantastic.   The people ordering coffee and the baristas chit-chatting behind the counter become welcome white noise and the smell of fresh brewed coffee and warmth of wood and general coffee house decor just make the place so inviting!  I’ve been so productive!  Why don’t all offices design themselves to look like coffee shops?  I think it would raise productivity immensely!

I may have to talk to my boss about making downtown coffee shops my permanent office.  The time goes by faster, I work faster, and there are less distractions.  Plus if I get bored I can just get up and walk to the next block and the next coffee shop to get more work done.  No more sitting in a cold grey office just staring at the walls waiting for the day to be over.  Corporate offices are depressing.   I may never return to the office again!

Send me a Puerto Rican Quarter!

We all know the saga that is the State Quarters. It’s hard to believe it was 10 years ago when the U.S. Department of Treasury & the U.S. Mint decided to start making individualized quarters for each of the 50 states. It seemed like a good idea, and some people even became crazed with trying to collect all the different quarters. The final states of Alaska & Hawaii were issued in 2008, which according to the “Official” 50 State Quarters Program, means it is completed.

Granted I am the farthest thing from a coin collector, but as I was grabbing a few quarters from my secret stash on my desk to hit up the vending machine; only because the apple I brought from home was completed black and mush inside; I noticed a Guam Quarter.  I thought perhaps it was fake, so I did some research and found the DC & US Territories Program.   That is right folks, in 2009 the U.S. Mint is wasting money again on expensive molds to create DC and US territory quarters.   So, I am on a mission to find a Puerto Rico quarter, heck I want to find a whole bunch!  I can see Bobo’s face now when he sees it!  He revels in anything Puerto Rican.   If you come across a Puerto Rico quarter save it and I will gladly exchange any other “regular” quarter for the all mighty Puerto Rican one.


…and hold to your seats folks, in 2010 the quarters go to the National Parks!  I am so excited I can barely contain myself!

I want to go to there

Sometimes, just sometimes my Interior Design background grab hold of me and allows me to relish in utterly fabulous design.  Virginia Tech has always been a huge competitor is the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon.   I always wanted to go down to the National Mall in Washington, DC, but the crowds were crazy so I settled for looking at the houses online.  In October of 2009 Virginia Tech will once again compete for the grand prize and with the amazingly awesome Lumenhaus, I think they could very well take the entire thing this year.   Watch the 10 min documentary about the house below and tell me that you don’t want to pack up and move to this seamingly huge 800sf pavillion.  My only question is when will these be mass produced and affordable?   Good Job Virginia Tech!!  Another fantastic product of the VT minds.  Go Hokies!

google suggestions

My cousin posted this link on Twitter and the fact that I found myself laughing extremely out loud at work to #9 made me repost it here.   No explanation needed, but let me know which one was your favorite and did you laugh out loud to #9 as I did?

Top 10 Funniest Google Suggest Results

my world is crashing!!

Oh no!!   Hackers have gotten to Twitter and it’s slowing down facebook!  How will I survive with out my social media?  This is just unacceptable.  I plead to all “hackers” please stop or social “not-working” will cease to exist and I’ll have to actually pay attention and do some work during the hours of 8am-5pm.  Ahhh!

Hackers attack Twitter, Facebook also slowed

Yes! The I-R-S

I’m fairly certain that all 5 of my loyal blog readers know that one of my largest clients at work is the IRS, yes the Internal Revenue Service.  In fact they have been my sole client for 2+ years now.  There are definitely days that I think to myself, “I need to just cut and run.  How did I end up in this line of work?”, but through all the frustration and stress it hasn’t been that bad and I’ve gotten myself a fairly decent “2nd in command” position on the project, right under the PM who really just handles the contract and financials.

Either way, I have been in possession of a Government Laptop for almost 1 year, which gives me access to all those confidential files and secret information the IRS doesn’t want you to find out about.  Actually not really, but the laptop security people are no joke…I lose this laptop and I go to jail! AHHH!

I do have a good point to his blog post, I just can’t seem to get there…ok, to the point…I have access to the IRWeb which is the IRS intranet and each week they post a new survey question or “poll” on the homepage for people to answer and then you see the results.  I actually look forward to the weekly poll (Go ahead, shake your head in disappoint now…I am a nerd!)  The polls cover a very broad range of topics everything from your opinion on government pay raises (to which I gleefully choose “against”, since I know for a fact that most gov’t employees just sit on their butts all day and do nothing) to do you prefer coke or pepsi.  I opened my browser today excited to see the new question and was taken back a little. Decide for yourself…

When a taxpayer threatens to commit suicide, you should:

  • Stay calm and remain on the phone with the taxpayer
  • Take the threat seriously
  • Determine the information you will need to notify the authorities who can help
  • Ask a co-worker to notify your manager immediately
  • All of the above

Is this really an issue??  How many people call the IRS and threaten to commit suicide.  Is our government that backwards that we have people threatening to end their life due to some back-taxes?  Why doesn’t the IRS just invite them over for a beer so they can talk about it and work out their issues, then not only is everyone alive, but a little buzzed too!   I immediately chose “All of the Above” and I am happy to report that so did 96% of the other responders, although I admit to being nervous to see the results.

kids vs dogs

I was scrolling through some very important new stories online about Britney Spears, Twilight, and other world changing issues when I came across an article much less important but still interesting.  The article . “Pricetag to raise a child-” was not so much shocking to me, but oddly made me happy.   According to the USDA (which I’m still unsure why they are in the business of prediction child rearing prices when we have issues like mad cow and swine flu…)

A middle-income family can expect to spend $291,570 including inflation to raise a child born in 2008 to adulthood (…) The figure does not include the cost of childbirth or college.

Wow!  That is a lot of benjamins for something that poos in it’s pants for 3-4 years, then relies on you for constant supervision and chaufer services for another 12 years, then rebels against you and hates you for another 2-3 years before just up and leaving your house while you pay the bill for them to party for 4 more years then moves far away and never calls.   Do I really want to spend almost $300,000 on that?

I get the question all the time, “Do you want to have kids?”.  My first inclination is always to respond, maybe I meet a guy, fall in love, get engaged, get married, live married life for a few years then decide, but everyone seems in a hurry to know if I want kids as if the prior life stages are merely a toll booth on the way to motherhood.

Five years ago when I was in college and trying to decide what I was gonna do with my life I would’ve said, “yes!” right away and say I want 2 or 3 kids, but now I’m hesitant to answer at all.  I love kids, I will offer to babysit my friend’s children anytime, but I’m 90% sure I really don’t want my own.  Maybe the idea of finding the love of my life first  is clouding my judgement, but I honestly am not really concerned if I have children or not.

Back to the article.  I was reading about spending $300,000 plus birthing expenses and college tuition on a child and I got to thinking, “How much does raising an average dog cost?”  Sometimes I feel like having a dog is similar to having kids, but I’m sure all you new moms would beg to differ.

Either way, I did a few calculations being very generous with vet bills, boarding expenses for travel, food, etc and decided that to raise my little dog Lane, who is much smaller than “average” but will live longer than a larger dog and decided it will cost about $15,000, which does not include breeding/purchase/adoption fees, or training classes.  I decided those things are like childbirth and college.

So $300,000 for someone who will argue with you most of their life, cause you stress, and leave you for bigger & better things, or $15,000 for something that will love you unconditionally and always show it, relieve your stress, and stay by your side until they die.

You can make the choice but I’ll stick with option #2 for now!  Here’s my “baby’!


home is where the space needle is

It’s really hard to believe I have lived in Seattle for almost a year now!  I feel like there is so much I still haven’t seen or done in the city and still feel like I’m a recent transplant, but I guess coming up on the 1 year mark means I’m truly a Seattle resident now.  I love living here, minus the lack of AC in 100+ degree heat, but that is just one minor set-back to the otherwise glorious and beautiful pacific Northwest.

Seattle is a unique city with plenty of characters and an eclectic vibe that never ceases to surprise me.  It’s a complete 180 from the stark corporate & politic vibe of Washington, DC, which must be why I love it here so much.   Some people keep saying that I’ll get over Seattle and move back East soon, but I’m writing to tell all you people not to hold your breathe cause I think Seattle is going to be “home” for quite a while.

Now almost one year after the big cross-country move I’m embarking on the dreaded apartment hunt again.  Don’t worry, I am staying in Seattle but living here for one year has given me a better idea of what streets I want to live on and knowing that I want to  find a condo that I can rent long-term without all the fees and jacked up rents that commercial apartments give you.   I found a great place today for dirt cheap with only a few draw backs, so I’m serisouly considering it and keeping my eyes peeled on craigslist daily for any great units opening up.

If you’ve never been to the Pacific Northwest now is the best time to come visit.  It’s sunny and warm without all the east coast humidity and now you have a friend to visit and show you the sites, and if you’re nice a free place to stay!