it’s feelin’ hot hot hot!

The past 9 months in Seattle weather has been crazy crazy nuts!   I refuse to take blame for bringing any strange weather with me when I moved here, but it seems it may just have followed me from the east coast.   Let’s start back at the beginning.

October/Novmeber- Normally rainy and grey but surprising mild with lots of sunny days thrown in the mix.

December – Normally rainy and cool, yet it dropped below freezing for an extended period of time which cause my office building to send out emails explaining that their heating system could not keep up with the cold temperatures and brought 12″ of snow to downtown Seattle, which is the most snow and worst winter storm they have had in 30 years!

January-April – fairly normal with grey skies and some rain, but lots of sunny days randomly in there which apparently isn’t normal. 

May-June – Very little rain, lots of sunny warm days, not typical.

July – Sun sun & more sun!  With sun and little rain brings heat.  This week in Seattle is breaking a record set back in 1989 for the hottest week in Seattle and today, Wednesday broke an all-time tempartre high for Seattle reaching a scorching 102 degrees!  This is the hottest day since Seattle started recording temperatures back in 1896.   Most people in the NW do not have AC so this has been a HUGE deal here.  My apartment reached a scorching 100 degrees inside. 

It’s amazing to think I’ve been in Seattle almost 1 year (more to come on that in a future post) and amazing to think I’ve gotten to experience all these new weather records set over the past 9 months.  Although I do admit this heat wave needs to end soon or I’m gonna hop a plane to Virginia just for the Air Conditioning!

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