times have changed…..

I realized something today…I am old!   Not old, as in over the hill, or even close, but “old” as in not in college anymore.  Yes, I have been out of college for 4 years (*sigh) now, but today I realized that I am past of the point of even acting like I’m still in college.

Anyone who knows me well knows that drinking soda from a can (particularly Dr. Pepper) makes me burp something fierce.  As I’m sitting at work drinking my, now rare, can of Dr. Pepper I realized that I feel sick because I’m holding in a huge burp!  How can I get rid of the gassy bubble in my stomach while sitting in the office, without being repulsive??   Then I remembered back to my days in college where I would let out the loudest longest burp, and then mutter “excuse me” with a HUGE smile on my face, and glance at the people around me thinking “yeah that big old burp came from lil’ ole me…holla!”, while being so impressed with myself.   I long for those days back.

I spend many a lunch break at work, sitting at my desk reading antics on fmylife.com or the lastest from textfromlastnight.com.   Sometimes I laugh out loud and get strange looks from colleagues… but the entries are just that funny.  I miss the days when I single-handedly could’ve kept “Texts From Last Night” going from my late night mobile phone antics, and when my life was interesting enough to make a post on fmylife.com (which I will say I have been rejected from at least 6 times when I tried to submit).

Am I that old? Is my life really that boring now?  What happened to my careless days of college?  Sure, I have to work for a living now, but does that mean I can’t get a little crazy after hours?

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