scoop the poop!

Being a dog owner myself, I really appreciate living in a city that is so dog-friendly, allowing me to walk my dog and take her almost everywhere I go.   Seattle is a great dog-city, and on any given block of the city you are bound to see a few dogs out and about with their owners.  

Most people I see out on the streets and stop to chat with while our dogs politely sniff each others rear-ends, are carrying baggies and seem like responsible pet owners, but that apparently is not always the case.  Any tree Lane stops out while we’re on a walk is bound to have at least one or two piles of dog “stuff” there.   Dog owners who don’t’ pick up after their dogs has got to be one of my biggest pet peeves!   To a non-dog owner, putting your hand in a plastic bag to reach down and pick up a pile of steaming poo sounds utterly disgusting, but that is a responsibility that comes along when you add a dog to your family, or so I thought.

There are so many rude and irresponsible dog owners in the city that just allow their dogs to go and walk away.   Sometimes they leave piles right in the middle of the sidewalk!!  Not only should there be some sort of test of picking up poo that you must pass before getting a dog, but there should be some cosmic law that if you dont’ pick up after your dog then the next day you’ll step in a pile of dog poo!

The city should consider using the sign above.  I hope the police really start enforcing this.

People of Seattle (and everywhere else)…pick up after your dogs!!

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