As a reward to myself for all my hard hours at the gym and at chipotle I splurged with some money I have been saving to treat myself and bought a Nintendo Wii!!  I couldn’t resist myself!  I found a great deal on craigslist for a Wii only 8 months old with 6 games, controllers, and a Wii fit!

I convinced myself that the splurge was ok since it came with a Wii Fit and would ultimately help me with my goal to lose more weight and be healthy, but honestly I’m more excited about playing tennis, bowling, and a little boxing.  I just hope my boxing coach doesn’t get jealous that I’m cheating on him with a Wii instructor on the side.  Haha.

The one extra that was included in the bundle I bought, and perhaps the extra that push me over the fence when deciding whether or not to buy it was that it came with a Microphone and the American Idol Karaoke game!  That’s right folks, on any given day you can probably walk through Belltown and hear me belting out some classic tunes and then hear the infamous Simon Cowell praise my “brilliant” vocal performance!!

I am so excited to finally have a Wii that I can barely contain myself.  It’s only 1pm and I am so tempted to hop on a bus and head home right now to start playing!  Hooray for Wii!!

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