I am not prejudice against people with handicaps… but seriously AI..seriously!

If  you follow American Idol as if your life depends on it like I do, or perhaps you just watch the show…either way, you’ve bound to have heard about the “visually impaired” contestant on this season.   I in no way have any prejudice whatsoever of people with handicaps, disabilities, etc.  Heck, I am only 4’11” which is a semi-handicap in itself.  Just this past weekend I nearly broke my neck trying to climb on my counter to reach something in the top cabinet….dang my mom for helping me unpack and putting things up high where I can’t reach them when I moved in!

Back to my point…Scott McIntyre, a season 8 Idol contestant is visually impaired.  If you don’t know what that means, he’s blind.  He plays the piano, guitar, and sings.   To be completely honest I never heard the “amazing vocals” that the judges raved about,  in fact I have wanted him off the show since the semi-final round.   I get it, that he’s blind and gets the sympathy vote, but seriously people, are you listening?  Perhaps you need to be blind to have a more keen sense of hearing to notice the pitch problems that rattle every performance he does.


As tonight’s results show started and the bottom three was built, I was literally on the edge of my seat, just hoping for Scott to be voted off.  I know it’s harsh, but I was seriously considering an all out Idol boycott if the judge’s used their save on this mediocre adult contemporary wanna-be recording artist.

As the show ended and Simon gleefully announced that they would not use the save and Scott would indeed be going home, I sighed with relief , as I would not have to boycott one of my favorite shows.   Then when the normal show would roll off with credits, Ryan Seacrest directed the cameras to Paula Adul, so she could tearfuly profess her undying love for Scott.

Paula went on and on about much of an inspiration Scott was, that what he does with his “visual impairment” is so admirable and amazing.   Ugh!  I’m not a horrible person, I promise, but seriously, the guy could barely carry a tune that didn’t force me to fast forward through most of his past performances.   Why such a freakin’ big deal that he is blind and can play the piano and sing, sort-of.   What about Stevie Wonder?!? One of the best recording artist of all time, amazing, plays piano, sings (GOOD!) and is blind!!  Or what about Beethoven, one of  THE best classical composers to ever life, was deaf!   He couldn’t hear a single note yet composed some of the the most beautiful music ever!!  Those people are inspirational and amazing.   A guy with a visual impairment who learned to play piano and attempts to sing is nothing to stand up and cry about on national television.

Good riddance Scott, I didn’t enjoy watching your performances and I am not sad to see you go.  Now America, let’s work on Lil, she needs to go, seriously!

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