Chipotle Adds Drive-Thru!

Elizabeth (my sister) and I have an addiction to Chipotle.  Elizabeth is convinced they lace their food with addictive drugs, but I think it’s just tasty and therefore I love to eat it.  Besides, there is no Chick-fil-a in Seattle, so Chipotle quickly become my go-to fast food.  Eating at Chipotle has even become a weekly tradition for us, as we have a standing calendar event for “Sister’s Chipotle Dinner” every Tuesday.

Saturday evening we made an improptu trip down to Tukwila to go to Ikea, and after a quick 30 min shopping extravaganza decided to grab a late dinner.  As we drove by what seemed like “Chain-Restraurant-Row” we decided where to go.  We pulled into an Applebee’s parking lot, started to get out of the car, but then quickly changed our minds to just hit up the Chipotle we saw eariler down the road.   (Note: we ate at a different Chipotle on Friday, yes the night before, but since this was a different one we decided it was ok, they wouldn’t recognize us, the employees at the Northgate Chipotle have started to ask us if we work at the mall because they apparently recognize us…so sad).

*I need to note that Elizabeth was driving.

We pull into the parking lot and find a front row spot facing towards the Chipotle, which is in a shopping center.  Elizabeth pulls into the spot and without hesitation rams right into the curb at the front of the spot, putting her bumper up on the curb temporarily before backing up slightly.  I start laughing, and Elizabeth coyly says “It’s ok, I hit things all the time!” (I hope you are reading this Eric…).   I was laughing as we walked into the Chipotle (which was totally empty since it was 9:30pm) still thinking of how non-chalantly Elizabeth just admitted she hits things all the time as if it was something every driver does.

As we walked towards the sneeze-guarded counter to order, the employees looks to us and says “be with you in just a second” as she continues to put her food-service gloves on before serving.  As she turns slightly back towards the kitchen, she looks over her shoulder and says to Elizabeth, “You tried to drive INTO Chipotle!?!”.   Elizabeth looked confused for a second, then a light-bulb went off, and she said “Oh, you saw that?”.  The employee laughed slightly while saying “yes”.    At this point I was almost on the floor laughing, you know, that kind of laughing where your side hurts  and you can’t breathe, even though you know it’s not THAT funny but you just can’t help it.

Elizabeth got called out by the Chipotle employee’s for trying to add a drive-thru to the Chipotle in Tukwila.   As we sat eating our Burrito Bol goodness I kept recounting the events and laughing so hard I’m fairly certain rice almost came out my nose.

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