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scoop the poop!

Being a dog owner myself, I really appreciate living in a city that is so dog-friendly, allowing me to walk my dog and take her almost everywhere I go.   Seattle is a great dog-city, and on any given block of the city you are bound to see a few dogs out and about with their owners.  

Most people I see out on the streets and stop to chat with while our dogs politely sniff each others rear-ends, are carrying baggies and seem like responsible pet owners, but that apparently is not always the case.  Any tree Lane stops out while we’re on a walk is bound to have at least one or two piles of dog “stuff” there.   Dog owners who don’t’ pick up after their dogs has got to be one of my biggest pet peeves!   To a non-dog owner, putting your hand in a plastic bag to reach down and pick up a pile of steaming poo sounds utterly disgusting, but that is a responsibility that comes along when you add a dog to your family, or so I thought.

There are so many rude and irresponsible dog owners in the city that just allow their dogs to go and walk away.   Sometimes they leave piles right in the middle of the sidewalk!!  Not only should there be some sort of test of picking up poo that you must pass before getting a dog, but there should be some cosmic law that if you dont’ pick up after your dog then the next day you’ll step in a pile of dog poo!

The city should consider using the sign above.  I hope the police really start enforcing this.

People of Seattle (and everywhere else)…pick up after your dogs!!


As a reward to myself for all my hard hours at the gym and at chipotle I splurged with some money I have been saving to treat myself and bought a Nintendo Wii!!  I couldn’t resist myself!  I found a great deal on craigslist for a Wii only 8 months old with 6 games, controllers, and a Wii fit!

I convinced myself that the splurge was ok since it came with a Wii Fit and would ultimately help me with my goal to lose more weight and be healthy, but honestly I’m more excited about playing tennis, bowling, and a little boxing.  I just hope my boxing coach doesn’t get jealous that I’m cheating on him with a Wii instructor on the side.  Haha.

The one extra that was included in the bundle I bought, and perhaps the extra that push me over the fence when deciding whether or not to buy it was that it came with a Microphone and the American Idol Karaoke game!  That’s right folks, on any given day you can probably walk through Belltown and hear me belting out some classic tunes and then hear the infamous Simon Cowell praise my “brilliant” vocal performance!!

I am so excited to finally have a Wii that I can barely contain myself.  It’s only 1pm and I am so tempted to hop on a bus and head home right now to start playing!  Hooray for Wii!!

I’m just not that into it…

I am quite behind most of the general public and just recently ventured to see the hit movie, “He’s Just Not That Into You“.  I originally did not go see the movie because I had heard from a few sources that it was quite depressing if you were single, which of course I am, but against my better judgment I agreed to go see the movie with my disgustingly happily married sister and her husband.

During the first 1/4 of the movie, I was thinking, “wow, could I be any more single, sitting next to a happy couple, is this really gonna be my life?”.  But as the movie progressed it almost became comical.  At one point the notice of my brother-in-law gagging, shaking his head, and giving; what I am 100% sure; was the biggest sarcastic eye-roll ever made me laugh so hard that I nearly fell off my seat.  To make matters worse I was laughing out loud and uncontrollably during a scene where 99% of the movie-goers were probably crying and saying, “aww!”.

As I walked home from the theater I began thinking about the past couple years and trying to relate myself to the movie.  We all do that right? Try to relate ourselves to a peice of fictional media.  Either way, as I mulled over my past relationships, and my crazy extended family who thinks there must be something wrong me since I’m 26 and still single I began to think to myself, why do I need to be tied down?

At the young and vibrant age of 26 I am the oldest non-married cousin(*) on both sides of my family.   My last  relationship ended up so screwy that I moved 3,000 miles away to Seattle!  But despite being the “single” black sheep of the family and having some rough relationship pasts I have to admit that I am happier now that I have been in years!  Of course I’m still trolling for men, it’s instinctual, but honestly I’m not really worried about what people think.   Being 26 does not make me old by any means, and being single just adds to the fun I can have.

I feel like I’m living in my own version of “Sex in the City” only without the 4 single girlfriends (only 1 single girl friend & a married sister) and without being crazy permicusous, but all the same I’m living it up!

* Technically Matthew is the oldest non-married cousin, but since he has lived with his significant other for 3 years and is engaged to be married I count him out.

I am not prejudice against people with handicaps… but seriously AI..seriously!

If  you follow American Idol as if your life depends on it like I do, or perhaps you just watch the show…either way, you’ve bound to have heard about the “visually impaired” contestant on this season.   I in no way have any prejudice whatsoever of people with handicaps, disabilities, etc.  Heck, I am only 4’11” which is a semi-handicap in itself.  Just this past weekend I nearly broke my neck trying to climb on my counter to reach something in the top cabinet….dang my mom for helping me unpack and putting things up high where I can’t reach them when I moved in!

Back to my point…Scott McIntyre, a season 8 Idol contestant is visually impaired.  If you don’t know what that means, he’s blind.  He plays the piano, guitar, and sings.   To be completely honest I never heard the “amazing vocals” that the judges raved about,  in fact I have wanted him off the show since the semi-final round.   I get it, that he’s blind and gets the sympathy vote, but seriously people, are you listening?  Perhaps you need to be blind to have a more keen sense of hearing to notice the pitch problems that rattle every performance he does.


As tonight’s results show started and the bottom three was built, I was literally on the edge of my seat, just hoping for Scott to be voted off.  I know it’s harsh, but I was seriously considering an all out Idol boycott if the judge’s used their save on this mediocre adult contemporary wanna-be recording artist.

As the show ended and Simon gleefully announced that they would not use the save and Scott would indeed be going home, I sighed with relief , as I would not have to boycott one of my favorite shows.   Then when the normal show would roll off with credits, Ryan Seacrest directed the cameras to Paula Adul, so she could tearfuly profess her undying love for Scott.

Paula went on and on about much of an inspiration Scott was, that what he does with his “visual impairment” is so admirable and amazing.   Ugh!  I’m not a horrible person, I promise, but seriously, the guy could barely carry a tune that didn’t force me to fast forward through most of his past performances.   Why such a freakin’ big deal that he is blind and can play the piano and sing, sort-of.   What about Stevie Wonder?!? One of the best recording artist of all time, amazing, plays piano, sings (GOOD!) and is blind!!  Or what about Beethoven, one of  THE best classical composers to ever life, was deaf!   He couldn’t hear a single note yet composed some of the the most beautiful music ever!!  Those people are inspirational and amazing.   A guy with a visual impairment who learned to play piano and attempts to sing is nothing to stand up and cry about on national television.

Good riddance Scott, I didn’t enjoy watching your performances and I am not sad to see you go.  Now America, let’s work on Lil, she needs to go, seriously!

Response to a Co-Ed Pritchard

I previously posted about Pritchard Hall, on the Virginia Tech Campus going co-ed for the 2009-2010 school year.   Below is a very “serious” response from Adolf Hitler himself about the atrocity.  (If you understand German, you may have trouble watching this, but if not, just read the sub-titles).


Chipotle Adds Drive-Thru!

Elizabeth (my sister) and I have an addiction to Chipotle.  Elizabeth is convinced they lace their food with addictive drugs, but I think it’s just tasty and therefore I love to eat it.  Besides, there is no Chick-fil-a in Seattle, so Chipotle quickly become my go-to fast food.  Eating at Chipotle has even become a weekly tradition for us, as we have a standing calendar event for “Sister’s Chipotle Dinner” every Tuesday.

Saturday evening we made an improptu trip down to Tukwila to go to Ikea, and after a quick 30 min shopping extravaganza decided to grab a late dinner.  As we drove by what seemed like “Chain-Restraurant-Row” we decided where to go.  We pulled into an Applebee’s parking lot, started to get out of the car, but then quickly changed our minds to just hit up the Chipotle we saw eariler down the road.   (Note: we ate at a different Chipotle on Friday, yes the night before, but since this was a different one we decided it was ok, they wouldn’t recognize us, the employees at the Northgate Chipotle have started to ask us if we work at the mall because they apparently recognize us…so sad).

*I need to note that Elizabeth was driving.

We pull into the parking lot and find a front row spot facing towards the Chipotle, which is in a shopping center.  Elizabeth pulls into the spot and without hesitation rams right into the curb at the front of the spot, putting her bumper up on the curb temporarily before backing up slightly.  I start laughing, and Elizabeth coyly says “It’s ok, I hit things all the time!” (I hope you are reading this Eric…).   I was laughing as we walked into the Chipotle (which was totally empty since it was 9:30pm) still thinking of how non-chalantly Elizabeth just admitted she hits things all the time as if it was something every driver does.

As we walked towards the sneeze-guarded counter to order, the employees looks to us and says “be with you in just a second” as she continues to put her food-service gloves on before serving.  As she turns slightly back towards the kitchen, she looks over her shoulder and says to Elizabeth, “You tried to drive INTO Chipotle!?!”.   Elizabeth looked confused for a second, then a light-bulb went off, and she said “Oh, you saw that?”.  The employee laughed slightly while saying “yes”.    At this point I was almost on the floor laughing, you know, that kind of laughing where your side hurts  and you can’t breathe, even though you know it’s not THAT funny but you just can’t help it.

Elizabeth got called out by the Chipotle employee’s for trying to add a drive-thru to the Chipotle in Tukwila.   As we sat eating our Burrito Bol goodness I kept recounting the events and laughing so hard I’m fairly certain rice almost came out my nose.