Attention Seattle Area Transit Tunnel Users!

Perhaps my east-coast, hurry-up mentality is a bit much for the public transit of Seattle, but I feel there is one common courtesy of Washington, DC (perhaps the only common courtesy I noticed in my 3 years living in the Northern Virginia area) and that pertains to escalators.   Anyone who has ridden on the DC Metro system knows exactly where I am going with this, one word, ESCALEFTER!

Are you an escalefter?  It’s a real word, I know it is because I’ve seen the definition largely posted in any DC Metro train.  An escalefter is “person who stands on the left side of the escalator when he should be standing on the right”.


Apparently this amazing rule of thumb for navigating transit tunnel escalators has not made it to the West Coast.

3 thoughts on “Attention Seattle Area Transit Tunnel Users!

  1. And what do you call those people on the airport people movers who stand on the left blocking the people behind them when it clearly states to stand to the right, walk on the left? Autopedescalefter? travelefter? walkalefter? They need to post signs for them too! It’s annoying!
    (see this site for all the different names they call these things:


  2. Ha!! Movingwalkwayelefters! Oh and the people who stop at the top or bottom of escaltors are called “ESCALUMPS”. Lots of those in seattle too.


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