wind sprints!

I’ve been taking these fitness classes at this small place near my apartment.  It’s like having a personal trainer, but sharing her with 2-3 other people at a time.   I am totally loving the classes.  They are high intensity and work every single muscle in your body, cardio, you name it.   The “coach” is fantastic, so motivating, and has gotten me pumped up about working out.

Yesterday when I got to the gym the coach announced we were going to start our class outside.  I was hoping maybe a jog around the block, nothing crazy.   It was cold, but that wasn’t a problem, I was mainly concerned about being on the same block as my apartment building and someone seeing me outside, in ugly gym clothes (my cute ones were dirty) doing some crazy exercises.

I made a sarcastic comment to the coach,  “Better not make me look stupid and have someone in my building see it”.

We got outside proceded to jog up and down the block, but this was just the warm up.  Then the coach had us do relay sprints up and down the sidewalk.   I was quite impressed with myself, as clobbered the girl I was running against, even with my short stubby legs.   I was so out of breath I could’ve collapse, but at least I won the race.   We were outside for maybe 10 minutes max,  and I didn’t recognize any of the people staring us down as we relayed up and down the sidewalk.   I figured I was in the clear, spared from embarassment.

I went on with my evening, which included catching a play with a friend later in the evening.   As we sat in the theater waiting for the show to start I was telling her about our relay sprints on 5th ave, as we laughed at how ridiculous it was, I heard my phone beep, I had a text message.  I opened my phone to read… “I saw you doing sprints!” from a guy in my building.

Just my luck!

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