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I lived in Pritchard!

If you spent anytime living on campus at Virginia Tech chances are you ventured into Pritchard Hall at one time or another.   Ahh, I can still recall the scent of sweaty boys and dirty laundry that filled the halls of Pritchard with a certain musk that was unmatched at any dorm on campus, even the athletic dorm.   Pritchard was/is one of a kind, the largest civilan all-male dorm on the east coast.

Most people, by now, know that I didn’t officially attend Virginia Tech as a student my freshman year, but when asked where I lived Freshman year, I always reply “Pritchard” (accompanied by confused looks) but I have the parking tickets to prove it.  My best friend’s had a room on the 4th floor, East wing of Pritchard, one of them spent many nights at his girlfriends which left an emtpy bed for me.  Obviously girls were not “allowed” to spend the night in the all male dorm, but the RA didn’t seem to mind as long as he didn’t get in touble.  When fire alarms went off at 3am, which was almost every weekend, I put on a hat or hood to cover my long hair.   Guys would guard the door so I could use the all-male bathroom without being caught.   We had some fun times in that dorm, me and my boys.  I’m fairly certain that we had as many as 8 people sleeping in one dorm room once, many using empty pizza boxes as pillows. It was awesome!


I felt I was a pioneer for being a female managing to live almost an entire semester in an all-male dorm without getting in trouble.  Now, all that changes as Pritchard is going co-ed!  I never thought I’d live to see that day, just as I’m still waiting for the parking garage on campus, but according to the latest VT Netletter it is really happening.  Here is the story….

PRITCHARD HALL GOES CO-ED IN 2009-10 – Pritchard Hall, currently the largest all-male residence hall on the East Coast, will transition to a co-ed residence hall beginning in the fall 2009 semester. Pritchard will house a mix of 41 percent females and 59 percent males, a reflection of the gender balance of the student population on campus. Since it opened in 1967, Pritchard Hall has housed more than 40,000 men, including 1,016 during the 2008-09 academic year. The decision to open the building to female students was based on an increasing demand for co-ed housing and the changing gender balance of the Virginia Tech campus, with a higher number of females in the general population electing to attend college, an increasing popularity of Virginia Tech among female students, and a higher number of women choosing to remain on campus after their first year.

Attention Seattle Area Transit Tunnel Users!

Perhaps my east-coast, hurry-up mentality is a bit much for the public transit of Seattle, but I feel there is one common courtesy of Washington, DC (perhaps the only common courtesy I noticed in my 3 years living in the Northern Virginia area) and that pertains to escalators.   Anyone who has ridden on the DC Metro system knows exactly where I am going with this, one word, ESCALEFTER!

Are you an escalefter?  It’s a real word, I know it is because I’ve seen the definition largely posted in any DC Metro train.  An escalefter is “person who stands on the left side of the escalator when he should be standing on the right”.


Apparently this amazing rule of thumb for navigating transit tunnel escalators has not made it to the West Coast.

I am Gen Y

I was reading a news story about Gen X being hit hard by the dot com bust and now again by this latest economic downturn.    I realized then that I had no clue if I was a Gen X kid or not, so I asked a friend (whom I was sure would know the correct answer) and apparently I am Gen Y!   One online search said Gen Y was from 1981 to 2001, but the wikipedia entry says 1977-2000, either way, I am definitely Gen Y.

I decided to do a little google research to find out more about Gen Y and came across this great article from 2005 about Gen Y entering the workforce, which is exactly the year I graduated college and joined the ranks of the corporate world.   It’s a great article, so although 4 years old, you should read it.

Rename my blog!!

A little background…my blog name, “Congratlations Universe, you win!”, came from a quote Jim made on The Office, referring to Dwight after he saved Jim from getting pummeled by Roy, Pam’s ex-fiance.   It was and still is one of the best quotes from The Office, however I feel it’s time for a change.

I’m fairly certain that the only person who reads my blog is my mother, and maybe on occassion my brother-in-law if he’s really bored.   I’ve been toying around with different blog names over the past couple months.  I called it “Short Person, Big City” for about week, and then it had a month long gig of “Fantabulously Maria!”, but neither seemed to really embrace the essence that is my pointless blog.    While “Congratulations Universe, you win!” is a fantastic tv quote, I feel it’s a little more dark with a defeatest attitude.   I named my blog at a low point, and now that I have a new life in Seattle, new friends, and a whole new outlook on life I think my blog title needs a face lift.

So,  help me rename my blog!!  There are no bad suggestions, especially since I will be shocked if more than 2 people actually respond to this post.   My goal is to have a witty, semi-quirky, blog name, that jumps out at you and embraces my personality and the non-sense that I blog about.

Start posting blog title suggestions in 3….2…..1….go!

wind sprints!

I’ve been taking these fitness classes at this small place near my apartment.  It’s like having a personal trainer, but sharing her with 2-3 other people at a time.   I am totally loving the classes.  They are high intensity and work every single muscle in your body, cardio, you name it.   The “coach” is fantastic, so motivating, and has gotten me pumped up about working out.

Yesterday when I got to the gym the coach announced we were going to start our class outside.  I was hoping maybe a jog around the block, nothing crazy.   It was cold, but that wasn’t a problem, I was mainly concerned about being on the same block as my apartment building and someone seeing me outside, in ugly gym clothes (my cute ones were dirty) doing some crazy exercises.

I made a sarcastic comment to the coach,  “Better not make me look stupid and have someone in my building see it”.

We got outside proceded to jog up and down the block, but this was just the warm up.  Then the coach had us do relay sprints up and down the sidewalk.   I was quite impressed with myself, as clobbered the girl I was running against, even with my short stubby legs.   I was so out of breath I could’ve collapse, but at least I won the race.   We were outside for maybe 10 minutes max,  and I didn’t recognize any of the people staring us down as we relayed up and down the sidewalk.   I figured I was in the clear, spared from embarassment.

I went on with my evening, which included catching a play with a friend later in the evening.   As we sat in the theater waiting for the show to start I was telling her about our relay sprints on 5th ave, as we laughed at how ridiculous it was, I heard my phone beep, I had a text message.  I opened my phone to read… “I saw you doing sprints!” from a guy in my building.

Just my luck!