the tall points to being short

Throughout history being short has always been seen as a disadvantage. Although in today’s world the stigmas are much less, I still get pity looks when I tell people I am only 4’11”. So many times I see short people on TV with some sort of complex about how horrible their life has been because of there below average height. As a child I was routinely called names like midget, short-stack, small fry, etc. Not since middle can I remember wanting to be taller. Here is my TALL list of 20 reasons why being short has it’s advantages (at least for me)!

  1. No need to duck for low doorways, branches on the sidewalk, etc.
  2. Automatic advantage in the game of limbo. (at least in the first couple rounds because I am not as flexible as I used to be to bend all the backwards)
  3. Less distance to squat when using a public toilet.  I figured this out today when I wore heels to work and realized how low the toilet seemed.  Gross, I know, but so true!
  4. I never have to worry if the cute guy I like is shorter than me,  I can wear heels anytime and he’s probably still got 1′ on me.
  5. Discounts…although I have search a little more I usually find one pair of petite pants or small shoes that no one wanted that are on sale from $70 to $10.
  6. It can sometimes be a “cute” factor in a good way, not just the “you look 12!” way.
  7. I can use my height to flirt, by asking a taller guy to help me get something from a top shelf, etc.
  8. I can hide easily, such as in suitcases, under clothes racks, etc.
  9. Get under the tailgating tent in a rain storm before it’s even been raised.
  10. Stand up and stretch my legs as soon as a flight gates even if I’m at a window seat.
  11. Never have to worry about not having enough leg room.
  12. Get to pick my rental car, because I can’t drive certain makes/models.  Often times this leads to a free upgrade because I can’t drive sedans very well but can drive SUVs because of how the pedals are situated.
  13. Can easily get to the front of a crowd by saying I can’t see.  This has worked at many open venue concerts/events.
  14. Don’t need to splurge on a king size bed because my feet hang off the end…although I love king size beds anyway and will definitely own one eventually.
  15. Can blend in as a kid to get Virginia Tech football player autographs.  This worked once!
  16. Can still play in the McDonald’s playplace!
  17. Can join the LPA and hang with the stars of “Little People, Big World”.  I am 3/4″ too tall right now, but plan to ask my doctor to measure me at my next appointment and to slouch considerably so my height can be changed on my records. 🙂  (This is part of my evil plan to retire and get disability money from the government)
  18. Fairly certain I will never get drafted by the US military, and YES I signed up for the draft when I turned 18 to prove a point to all my guy friends who complained about having to do it.
  19. Don’t have to hurt my back from bending over to pick things up, it’s not that far to go.
  20. Can bob and weave lower in a boxing match….

….and with that I’m off to boxing class….peace!

1 thought on “the tall points to being short

  1. Well….when the tallest person in your immediate family is only 5’4″ (and that’s stretching it with thick hair), then you don’t really feel short as everyone else is almost eye level….so you actually feel taller than you really are.


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