Daily Archives: 10 February 2009

what day is it? what just happened?

Either the world is falling off it’s axis…I am still suffering from some major jet lag….or my mind is totally in la-la-land? I have no freakin’ clue what has gone on since I got back from DC, all I know is that it’s Tuesday and I think it’s Thursday, or it’s the 10th but I could’ve sworn it was the 11th. It’s 6pm and I thought it was 2pm. I think I may have lost my marbles…and not just a few… but all of them!

In the past 4 days I have…
– wished two friends a “Happy Birthday” on Tuesday when their birthdays are both Wednesday because I could’ve sworn that Tuesday was the 11th.
– scheduled to watch a basketball game on Tuesday which doesn’t take place till Wednesday.
– got dressed and tied my shoes (even put on socks…which is a big task) and got revved up for boxing class on tuesday but I am signed up for the class on Thursday.
– I called in on a conference call this afternoon at 1pm and listened to annoying hold music because the call is at 11am.
– woke up at 8am panicked cause i missed my alarm, but really the clock said 5am!

Seriously…was there some cosmic shift that no one told me about? is anyone else experiencing this craziness?? My life is gonna go downhill really fast if I can’t even figure out what freakin’ day it is!