Calling all standby passengers

Does anyone remember the days when you checked in for a flight and had 20 seats to choose from? The time when you boarded flights and had a row of three seats to yourself? Oh how I miss those days. I’ve flown at least once every year since high school and always was able to pick my seat and spread out. I remember a flew flights where I raised the arm rests and laid down across 3 seats to sleep the entire flight. Those days of flying comfort are long gone.

Since moving to Seattle in October I’ve flown 10+ times and each and every flight is packed to the brim with a long list of standby passengers just waiting for a seat. I’ve rarely gotten to choose my seat, and on the past couple flights even ended up in the dreaded “middle” seat. I understand that in the state of our economy everything is being cut, including the number of flights flying to every destination, but if I’m paying $800+ dollars for a flight I’d at least like to be able to pick my seat.

Thank is my rant for the day.

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