There is this strange fad going on around Facebook where people right 25 random things about themselves for everyone else to read. It was annoying at first, but I got sucked in, just like I do with all fads. It’s really fun to read random things about other people. Then I decided to procrastinate… just as I’m doing now and write my own 25 random things, so I thought I’d paste them here too…

1. My biggest pet peave is when people call me “Marie”. Even worse is when they continue to call me Marie even after I correct them numerous times. Next time it happens I’m gonna say that person’s name wrong back to them. Seriously, how hard is M-A-R-I-A. By the way, I love my name, thanks Dad!

2. It is really hard, but I know that sometime in the next year I will give Brodie away to a new home. He needs a large yard to run, and a big family. I just have to work up the nerve to actually go through with it.

3. I live for Hokie Football season. The reason it took me 3 years to move away from Northern VA was my fear of being away from Hokie Football. I still die a little inside every time I have to watch a home game on TV instead of from Lane stadium.

4. Moving to Seattle was one of the BEST things I have ever done in my life. I will NEVER live in Northern VA again.

5. Sometimes I secretly wish I was a prissy girl who put pink clothes on Lane and carried her in a a frilly purse, but I could never actually do it. She’s a dog and walks on a leash with the rest of the canine population.

6. I met my soulmate at the wrong time in my life, and I totally ruined things between us for stupid reasons, and now I totally fear that I’ll be single forever because of it.

7. I am obcessed with Post Secret. I write out secrets all the time, but always too scared to send them in. #6 was one of my secrets.

8. My feet are totally adorable. My toes may be short, but they are perfectly proportioned in a descending line and cute. I love my feet, and I wear flip flops as often as possible to show them off.

9. I’ve gained 30lbs in the past 3 years. I knew it was bad, but it really slapped me in the face when a guy I hadn’t seen since high school saw me this past Christmas and told a mutual friend “wow, she’s really blown up!” although I had to laugh since the guy saying it has gained at least 60+lbs since high school.

10. I love living alone, and will never have another roommate until it’s a boyfriend/fiance/husband.

11. In middle school I used to go to the mall and steal things, just little things. A security guard approached me once while I was sitting on a bench eating dippin’ dots and I was terrified I was getting arrested, but he just wanted me to take my feet off the bench. Never got caught. Sometimes I still wish I stole, it was thrilling!

12. Sometimes I lie….exaggerate really… ๐Ÿ˜‰

13. I’m 4’11” and although hemming every pair of pants I own is a pain, I don’t wish I was taller. I just wish clothes were made shorter and shoes made smaller.

14. I giggle like a 13 year old girl when someone’s name is “dick”. I am sooo immature.

15. I still laugh hysterically when i think of the time at TGI Friday’s in college when Tim looked blankly at the server and said “Dirty Bone!” in reference to a chicken bone he found in his food.

16. I am still laughing out loud just thinking about #15.

17. I clean like mad before anyone comes over to visit, because really I live in a fairly disorganized home, but I want people to think I’m amazingly clean and organized.

18. I will break every bone in my body before I give up trying to learn to snowboard.

19. I drink Gatorade just for the heck of it while sitting on the couch, but never crave it during or after a workout.

20. I regret majoring in Interior Design. Worst decision ever, but I’m way too lazy to go back to school for anything else.

21. I begged, pleaded, and cried my way to good grades in college. It’s a miracle I graduated, and with a 3.3 gpa. I partied, drank, and smoked, my way through college. It was a blast.

22. I am the biggest procrastinator…as I am proving by even filling this out.

23. I am 99% sure I am A.D.D. but refuse to get tested. ๐Ÿ˜› I think it makes me quirky.

24. I love cereal. I could eat cereal for 3 meals a day and not mind. I only eat the kid cereals, nothing crazy healthy or with “fiber” in the title.

25. Hands down my favorite part of the day is when I feed the dogs… i make Lane stay in the hallway, and I play tricks on her saying different words…and I die laughing watching her squirm until i say “eat” and then watch her run so fast and face plant into her food dish. No matter what kind of day I’ve had it makes me laugh out loud every time!

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