adventures in snowboarding

So far I am sticking to my New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve lost 4.5lbs (woohoo!). I spent a gorgeous day out exploring Seattle on a trip to the Sculpture park with dogs, and I have now attempted to snowboard twice!

My first attempt, was merely an attempt at all. I tagged along on a trip to Crystal Mountain, with a bunch of skiers and thought I’d take one 2hr lesson to learn the ropes then hit the slopes! hahahaha….was I mistaken!?! Just putting on the boots and walking made my calves hurt so bad, that when it came time to strap my foot in a binding I could barely stand up. I am so out of shape and have such a lack of endurance and it showed. I made it through the lesson, after having to go to the rental shop twice to get new equipment. Why they assume everyone with small short feet also have narrow feet is beyond me! I am going to open a store that sells size 4 woman’s shoes in regular widths!, but that is a topic for a whole other rant. Needless to say that after the lesson I ended up in the lodge, taking off my boots and drinking beer instead. I quit, but luckily the wind picked up and the snow got bad so we had to leave early anyway, so it made my quitting not look quite as bad.

After a few weeks off, and countless hours on craigslist trying to purchase used boots that might actually fit me, I sucked it up and headed on another trip to try out my snowboarding skills, or lack there of. Snoqaulmie was the destination, about 45 mins East of Seattle. I decided I’d take another lesson, thinking it could only help. We arrived and got our gear with about an hour to spare before the lesson started. I would’ve been happy sitting in the lodge till the lesson but instead was coerced into hopping on the lift and trying to come down the “easy” slope (not the bunny slope!). After 30 minutes of wiping out horribly, feeling my gut in my lungs, hitting my back so hard I was sure I was paralyzed and landing on my knee so many times I was waiting for the blood to start rushing through my pants. It was a rough 30 mins riding and falling, and falling and riding, and falling and falling and falling down the mountain. Fun times! By the time the lesson started I was exhausted, but I worked through the pain and exhausted and finished the lesson. It was great, learns a few things I didn’t know and felt better on the board.

After the lesson we took a snack break then decided we’d head up the easy llift and try once or twice more down the mountain. It was night time and the slopes were lit up, which was cool but scary at the same time. I fell so many times it got exhausting to even get back up, but I had a few good runs between falls. I was all set to get town and take the lift back up for one more run, I was up on the board getting a good ride straight towards the bottom and was thinking… look at me, I’m really riding! Then it came time to stop…I tried to turn and do a heel stop, but didn’t turn enough and didn’t get my heels in the snow… I flew forward, face planted and slid in the snow for what seemed like an eternity. As I came to a hault face down in the snow, I could hear some Gasps and slight laughter from the lift going above me. I lifted my head towards the lift and yelled, “I’m good!” to the guys riding up above me, they yelled back, “Are you sure? Do you need us to yell for help?” . “No I’m good, I’m good!”, I yelled as I slowly rolled to my back to just lie there. That was it, I was done for the night. My neck hurt so bad I was sure I had a concussion of sorts. You know you fell hard when the goggles on your face end up 10′ away from you along with your hat and that snow skirt in your jacket is up around your armpits!

It was a fun day, and I will go back, maybe even next weekend, but for now I am just trying to get through my day barely being able to move and realizing we have muscles in the strangest places. I know this, because every single one of them hurts right now!

Anyone up for a trip to the slopes next weekend?

4 thoughts on “adventures in snowboarding

  1. Bruno and I are planning on coming out to Seattle for Thanksgiving. Yes, I know that’s 9 months away BUT we will TOTALLY come snowboarding with you then! And teach you some tricks of the trade if you aren’t a pro by then πŸ™‚


    1. Awesome!! Hopefully I will be in Seattle rather than back in VA for the holiday so I can take you up on that. So far I am just tumbling down the mountain, but I’m having fun learning and will just get better πŸ™‚


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