Welcome to 2009!!

I rang in the new year in my new home city, Seattle, by drinking champagne, watching fireworks coming straight out of the Space Needle and by dancing  and singing with the biggest group of white people possible.   It was a great time!


In the spirit of the new year, I made some resolutions and goals for 2009!  here they are in a nutshell….

  1. Lose weight! This would totally win the “most popular” superlative in the school of New Year’s resolutions, but I am committed this year .  I’m buying myself gifts for every 10lbs I lose.  First 10lbs is a Wii…so I better get to the gym now so I can start having Wii Tennis Tournaments.
  2. Learn to Snowboard.  Seattle has such great skiing so close by so I want to take advantage of it.  I could just learn to ski, but I figured might as well go for the harder of the two.  (This hobby could help with #1 too)
  3. Host a theme party.  For no particular reason other than to party and make people dress in silly costumes.  I’m thinking the 80’s?  Who doesn’t love an 80’s party?!?
  4. Explore Seattle.  I’ve lived here 3 months and haven’t ventured out but to half-dozen places with-in a 10 block radius of my apartment.   Definitely want to experience more in this city,  I was a home hobbit in Northern Virginia and I refuse to be like that here.
  5. Go on a non-work related trip. Not sure where, but I’m thinking tropical with beaches.

Of course there are endless possibilities for 2009, but I have a good feeling about this year and things to come!   Happy 2009!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to 2009!!

    1. No, i stole the pic from some other random blog. I didn’t have my camera wednesday, but someone did cause i remember lots of flashes going off.


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