Snow in Seattle causes mass confusion

According to reports, the latest amounts of snow in downtown Seattle is the most seen in almost 30 years.   It is not 7:30 PM Sunday evening and has been snowing in Seattle off and on for 4 days, and has been snowing continuously for over 7 hours!!   I’d guess by the naked eye that we have about 8-12″ of snow on the ground in downtown Seattle.   The large quanities of snow are not only causing people to stay in doors and locals to freak out, but causing mass confusion in Seattle’s canine population.

The safest way to get around the city in this much snow is definitely by foot, but be aware of large spots of discolored snow.   Apparently the dog population in Seattle is just as un-used to the snow as the humans, which is causing for some major problems when finding a spot to “relieve” themselves.  Seems the snow is screwing with the pups noses and ability to seek dirt and grass and instead just seem to be popping a squat whereever they want.

Just a warned, watch where you step and for goodness sake do NOT eat the yellow snow!!

* Pictures taken around 11pm Saturday night, only about 5-6″ on the ground at that point.

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