smell this!

In a recent post, “An All To Familar Scent…” I went on a rambling narrative about the scent of cigarettes and alcohol on an early morning ride.   Low and behold this morning, 2nd stop, a familar looking gentleman boarded the bus and took the seat across the aisle from me, and as suspected smelled of cigarettes and alcohol.  Same guy, same bus, same smell.  I think he has a problem.  Either that or he thinks it’s really cool to bathe in alcohol.   Would it be too much to propose an intervention for a AM bus drunkard who I don’t even know??

On a side note, I refer back to the my post Weather Forecasting to say how disappointed I was to wake up this morning expected to see snow, or even a little freezing rain, but saw nothing but dry streets.  Although I was not as disappointed in the snow as I was when I was already on the bus, which was 20 minutes late, and got an email from my boss telling me to just work from home if I hadn’t already left.   Damn!!  I’m going home at noon to beat the seattle “crazies” as my boss calls them since they are all terrified of the very mention of snow.

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