secrets from the box…

…Pandora’s Box that is.   I am assuming that you all have used or at least heard of the fantabulous phenomenon that is Pandroa Radio.  If not, go here.

I am a daily listener of Pandora, especially at work, as I get sick of the same random shuffle from my Ipod.   I have 1,000 songs on my Ipod yet always seem to hear the same 20 songs over and over, but that is a subject I will rant on in another post.   So my obcession with Pandora has been growing over the past weeks as I’ve added at least a dozen new stations to my page and I absolutely love the “quickmix” feature for a random selection of music to keep me on my toes.  Nothing says random like going from Bing Crosby singing White Christmas straight to classic Ludacris, What’s YourFantasy?!.   I love it!

Today I found a new favorite station.   I saw the movie Mama Mia in the Theater, recently saw it again on a plane ride, and seem to see advertising for the DVD all over TV and internet these days.   I credit the advertising guros, because it was all this advertising that prompted me to type “Abba” into Pandora this morning.   Most Pandora stations guide you through a lovely array of songs by your selected artist as well as others, but this station has been particularly stagnant, however I’ve now been listening to it for almost 6 hours!!   It basically seems to play the same 10 Abba songs over and over again, because of all the different Abba albums, plus remakes, and numerous soundtracks from broadway renditions and movies of Mama Mia.   I think I have memorized ever Abba song known to man.  Not only have been a “Dancing Queen” all day in my desk chair, but I’ve also had a few moments from Grease, and a few classics from Blondie, and Cindy Lauper.

This may almost be as bad as my addiction to Hannah Montana!  Thank you Pandora for being so fantabulous and allowing me to relish in Abba show tunes all day!!

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