sun in seattle after snow

Everyone assumes that because Seattle is so far north that it gets very cold and we gets lots of snow… but that is a misnomer.  Because of the surrounding mountains and whatever it creates a strange barrier.  It’ll snow to the north, south, east, and west of downtown Seattle, but rarely in the city.

I was lucky when we got a beautiful and rare dusting of snow on my Birthday.  I was hoping it would stick, but when I woke up this morning there was nothing but some dusting on trees and some snow on top of parked cars.   After living in Virginia Beach you think you have never seen a populated city more unprepared for snow, but while walking the dogs this AM, I realized I was wrong.   In the 10 minutes I was outside with the dogs, in a 1 block radius from my apartment I witnessed two people trying to get snow and ice off their windshield with their hands, because they have no window scraper and 3 people outside taking pictures of the less than 1″ on top of cars.

Seriously Seattle dwellers… it’s just a little bit of snow!   I definitely tried my hardest not to laugh out loud as one guy was complaining that his hands were freezing while trying to scrap ice off his windshielf and I heard him comment that he had never seen so much snow….he must have just moved from SoCal.

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