my cross country trip….a little delayed

I’ve been neglecting my blog like crazy….I meant to do a little copying of my brother-in-law and post each night as I drove cross country and moved to Seattle, WA, but obviously since I’ve been in Seattle for 3 weeks now, that did not happen.  I did however make some notes along the trip, and while I’m still getting organized, finally found them.    My cross country trip took me, my mom, my dad, and my two dogs through 14 states and here is my list of the best and worst of each, as observed from my car.

Best of Virginia: Best state on the East Coast, Home of the Hokies!  family, trees…lots of trees

Worst of Virginia: traffic, low speed limits, too many cops.

Best of Maryland: Nicest Chick-fil-a ever!  No skimping on truck lanes (VA could take a lesson on this).

Worst of Maryland: Nicest Chick-fil-a in the worst redneck town ever!  High taxes to pay for all the truck lanes.

Best of West VA: We don’t have to deal with their annoying football fans on a regular basis anymore.

Worst of West VA: Incest.  a trillion couches on porches just waiting to be lit on fire. wvu

Best of Pennsylvania: No tolls

Worst of Pennsylvania: slow speed limits

Ohio…for some reason none of really remember driving through Ohio…it was just that great!

Best of Indiana: Homewood suites yummy breakfast.

Worst: Worst state highway map ever…to quote dad “it sucks!”

Best of Illinois: My mom’s birthstate!  steak & shake.

Worst: deceiving highway signs…exit for steak & shake took us onto another highway for at least another 3 miles.

Best of Iowa: nicest dirt roads at the end of exit ramp.

worst: construction on every single bridge in the state.  nothingness, complete nothingness.

Best of Nebraska: Nicest people ever, Hokies won 35-30.  Free beer and food from nicest people ever.

worst: it’s almost creepy how nice people are.  Runza & blackout…biggest disappointments.  Misty’s beer,  Corn Corn CORN…TOO much corn!

Best of Wyoming: nice scenery.  best truckstop bathroom ever… marble floors!!  UVA travelled all the way here and lost their ’07 season opener.  Amazing steak from the only steak restaurant in a town of 9000 people.

Worst: no on lives here,  total nothingness.

Best of Utah: gorgeous scenery!  best welcome center photo-op.

worst: poligamy, ghetto trashy teenagers hanging out at the truck-stop, didn’t have time to stop and taste home brewed “poligamy pale ale”

Best of Idaho: plateaus & rivers.

worst: too hot, way too many bugs, pet spot at the rest area was the only spot with NO grass!!  Idaho potatos are a myth…we saw none!

Best of Oregon: scenery was ok

worst: low speed limits, no truck lanes on steep hills, no pets allowed at rest area (seriously!) brown mountains.

We finally made it to WAshington.. which I don’t remmeber much because believe it or not I was sleeping….I was awake when we entered Seattle…my new home.  Loving it here.   I’ll post some pictures once i finally download them from my camera.

1 thought on “my cross country trip….a little delayed

  1. You forgot to mention another best of Utah….watching the Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus train winding through the mountains by the rest area….that was a sight!
    We did have a great time….and the doggies loved it too although Lane slept through 13 of the states….she was awake when we got to Washington as she didn’t like the “rough” and noisy roads.


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