Monthly Archives: July 2008

ACC Coaches

Let’s take a moment out of our busy days to sit back and enjoy some lovely artwork of the 2007 ACC Coaches.

Some of you may have already seen this, but I couldn’t resist posting it on the blog, just in case.   Hope it makes you laugh as much as I did.  As one guy in my office put it, “Look at Frank, he’s got the eye of the tiger!”.    Does anyone else think that Al Groh looks like a timid little boy who just dropped his soap in the gym shower?

ok, Back to working hard… or hardly working…whatever.  Enjoy!

Not killing a stereotype

We all heard the stories surrounding Michael Vick’s “deadly” pit bulls when his dog fighting operation was broken up.   When the FBI confiscated the dogs, they kept them alive for evidence, and it was assumed by many that they would be humanely euthanized after the trial concluded.   There is such a large stereotype looming over pit bull terriers, or any dog who even resemebles them.  They are considered viscious attack dogs that don’t deserve to live.   In fact many counties and cities, including Washington DC have put pit-bull bans into effect.  These bans don’t allow anyone within the city limits to own a pit-bull or any breed commonly mistaken for a pit.  Even if you live in surrounding areas, you are not allowed to take your “pit-bull” into the city limits unless.

The stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding the breed of pit bulls, Staffordshire terriers, mastiffs, or anything even resembling any of these breeds is phenomenal.   I wish the evening news would show the highlights of all the pit-bulls that are certified therapy dogs, or even police dogs.   I have a 6lb Pomeranian and one of her favorite dogs at the dog park is a 45lb blue pit-bull mix.   People cringe when they see me letting my little Pom play with a pit-bull and I get dirty stares or even gasps, but Lola (the pit-bull) is one of the sweetest dogs there.  The labs try to pounce on Lane and the little dogs try to mount her, but Lola lays down and plays so gently with Lane.   It’s just a tribute to show how misconceived the breed is.

For everyone else who thought that all the manic and raging pit-bulls confiscated from Bad Newz kennels were euthanized, here is a great article to change your mind.    Saving Michael Vick’s Dogs