Superhero & Villain

A colleague sent me some cool quizzes today, and since I haven’t posted anything is a LONG while I thought I would pass them along to the blogosphere to find out more about my loyal readers, all 4 of you!!

I am not a comic book guru, so I’m not 100% sure about my villain, but I’m interested to know everyone else’s answers.  Even if you think this is lame, at least it helped you waste a good 10 minutes at work 🙂

Which Super-Hero are you??

Which Super-Villain are you?

I took both quizzes.  I was slightly surprised to be categorized as Dr. Doom for my super villain, since it said I was consumed with “vanity” which I don’t think describes me at all, but maybe they know something I don’t.    I was ended up being Spiderman for my super-hero, which I think was totally fitting.  He’s a all around nice guy, Peter Parker doesn’t stick out too much in the regular world, but is totally crazy, daring, and fun when he is being Spiderman.  I think I can relate to that one.

Anywho…post your answers so we can all discuss or laugh at which ones you are.  In the meantime I’m off to change into to spandex and scale the side of my office building….holla!

2 thoughts on “Superhero & Villain

  1. I took the quiz and for my villain I was Lex Luthor. Ironically for the Superhero I was Superman.


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