Nickname Update…pick your favorite

Ok, as an update to the last post I have narrowed it down to 3 nicknames. I’ve listed them below, so I’d appreciate everyone’s input on which one they like best. I have to have my selection in by Wednesday. Thanks for everyone’s help and input! I am determined to have the best jersey on the Vollyeball courts this summer.

1. 4feet11 – (obviously a shot at my height, just plain and simple)

2. Maria The GIANT – (a play on the famous wrestler and “Princess Bride” actor, Andre the Giant)

3. Yao Ming – (thanks to Eli for this one. An ironic twist since this is the name of an oddly tall asian NBA player. My only problem with this choice is that no one i talk to seems to know who he is which doesn’t make it funny, it just confuses people)


update on “weighing in” – 135.6lbs! I even brought a salad to work for lunch. Gotta love the green stuff.

5 thoughts on “Nickname Update…pick your favorite

  1. I still vote for Yao. Even if your friends don’t get it, it’s likely that someone on the opposing team will understand and injure himself laughing.


  2. Or you could go with an even more obscure reference: Gheorghe Mureşan, the tallest player in NBA history.


  3. I could go with Leonid Stadnyk. He holds the Guiness Book of World Records for being the tallest man to ever live at 8’5.5″ tall.


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