I need your suggestions!

I play on my company volleyball team in an architecture/engineering league in DC. It’s a fun league where everyone comes out with coolers of beer and hangs out at the sand courts and drinks and plays volleyball. My company, Jacobs, is ordering new t-shirts for the team this year and we have the opportunity to pick our number and put our name/nickname on the back.

This is where I need YOUR help! So many people have awesome nicknames, so I want to think of something really cool and/or funny to put on the back of my shirt. So far I have the following suggestions, most of which pertain to my height since obviously being 4’11” is not ideal for playing volleyball. In fact I can walk under the net without even ducking! Anyway, please help me think of a good and funny nickname!

Suggestions so far….

  • Shorty
  • Half Pint
  • 4foot11
  • midget
  • little one
  • lil’ bit
  • add midget
  • tiny one
  • A-D-D
  • Yao Ming

Any suggestions are helpful…and I’ll let you know who has the winning nickname. THANKS!!

P.S. from my previous post…current weight 137!

10 thoughts on “I need your suggestions!

  1. Well…if you’re going to be eating better, etc….drinking lots of beer is not the way to do it (silly girl!). ….and who wants to be known as “drunken midget”…..not sure that’s the image Jacobs wants to portray either!! You could put 4’11” on your shirt, but that would be stretching it just a tad unless you are measuring with your shoes on. Half Pint is what they called Laura on Little House on the Prairie (for those of you who are old enough to remember that show. The definition of midget (or dwarf) is someone who is 4′ 10″ or less….and since you profess to be 4’11”, that would be false advertising on your shirt. According to the entomolgy dictionary, midget” comes from “midge”, meaning a sand fly, and the suffix “-et”, meaning little or small, so if you are playing volleyball in the sand, that would be perfect someone who flies around in the sand trying to hit the ball! Little One is what we called your sister (much to her embarassment) and you were (among other names that you don’t want mentioned) were TINY ONE…..so I’m adding a new name to your list. that’s my vote for your shirt….TINY ONE.


  2. ha!! I hadn’t even though of that. Very good, I will add it to the list, but It is ironic in the sense that he is tall, but it’s the wrong sport. Are their any insanely tall and well-known professional volleyball players?


  3. I’m with Eli… Yao Ming is great! And you’re not Chinese, which further adds to the irony.


  4. I really liked that suggestion too, but every time i mentioned it to someone they said “who?”. I kept having to explain who Yao Ming was and why it was funny, so I had to go against it, but personally it was my favorite. I thought about putting “Shaq” since that was more well-known, but I ended up putting “4feet11” in stead. I’m a little upset about Yao Ming, but I didn’t want to be explaining it all summer to people.


  5. Such a shame. It’s not your fault that other people are stupid. A disgusted look and an eye roll would have been an awesome accompaniment to your t-shirt.


  6. Seriously!! I was shocked everytime someone said “who”? I don’t watch or follow NBA basketball but even I know Yao Ming. They even had an E! THS story on him.

    Remember Andre the Giant? What if I put “Maria the Giant” on my jersey??? I thought that was pretty clever.


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