days of doggy daycare

Many of you who know me, know that over the past year I have given up countless saturdays and sundays to work for $9/hour at a doggy daycare in Arlington.   I recently put in my two week notice at the daycare.  The company is great, but the stuff I had to do and deal with for only $9/hour including wasting my precious weekends and getting up at 5:40am, just seemed to not be worth it anymore.   All in all I worked there for exactly 1-year and made a grand total of $2000 after taxes.    This post is dedicated to the countless dogs and their crazy antics I have endured over the past year.    I will miss the fun times and cute furry faces, but will bask in the time I can sleep in on the weekends, the things I can do and places I can go without being tied to a weekend job.

Over the past year I have seen and experiences things in the world of dogs that I hope no one after me ever has to endure.   A typical weekend working at the doggy daycare consisted of waking up at 5:40am to go walk and feed dogs.  Many times there were 10+ dogs boarding at the daycare, and myself would be their lonely caretaker.    I have been pulled, yanked, and dragged down stairs by anything from a 25lb beagle with no restraint to a 100lb lab with bounding energy.  I have wrestled a 100lb husky who stands taller than me on his hind legs to get into a crate.   I have almost lost my hand numerous times to cranky dogs who don’t want to be touched or placed in a crate.    I have had my foot and leg peed on at least 3 times by 3 different dogs who mistake my denim clad leg for a fire hydrant.    I have seen a cute 20lb dog covered in his own filth, and a crate so splattered with feces it makes you think that an alien life form exploded in there.   I have smelled scents that could make the strongest of people pass out and cleaned up messes that are meant only for hell.    I have seen a cocker spaniel eat droppings from a great dane and then lick his owners face.  I’ve been bruised, kicked, licked, bitten, slobbered on more than any dog lover would ever care to be.

The good times playing with the friendly dogs sometimes made the job worth it, but for $9/hour no one deserves to see the things I did.    My time at the daycare has come to an end, and I wish the future daycare attendants and kennel attendants the best of luck.  I have a new found appreciation for those vet technicians and doggy daycare workers that make working with dogs their career.    I love dogs, but for now I think I’ll stick to my clean and semi-well-behaved pups that I call my own.  I’ll leave the dirty jobs of doggy daycare to the people who can handle it.

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