stinky! stinky!

So, I was catching up on some old news from the Express newspaper online. You know that small newspaper published by the Washington Post that is handed out Free at every metro station during the morning commute. The paper that morning metro riders bury their faces in to avoid eye contact with the 30 people crammed within a 3′ radius of your face. Yes, that paper!! Anywho, I was catching up on some old articles from last month when I came across an article titled, “A Stinky Situation on Metrorail”. Now some of you metro riders, or Express readers might know the story all too well. Heck, some of you that ride the Red Line on a regular basis might have been present for the actual happening but, I hope not.

What comes to mind when you read a headline such as, “A Stinky Situation on Metrorail”?

My first thoughts are, perhaps a skunk made it onto a train and sprayed it was therefore “stinky”. Perhaps they are referring to the undeniable body funk that fills the evening rush hour cars from people who just trucked from their offices to the train, with wet pit stains on their dress shirts. One more theory would be, they are poking fun at the people who fart on the metro and just watch silently as people start to cover their noses and look around in disgust. I was NOT prepared for the article to follow. I can not describe my thoughts when reading the article, so I’ll just post the link and let you come up with your own. Enjoy!!

A Stinky Situation on Metrorail

*(the article also links to the original blog, so I recommend that as some reading as well.  It gives a few more details into the occurrence)

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