Daily Archives: 31 January 2008

Yankee or Dixie?

(*First…it has taken me quite a while to find something new to post about.   How could I possibly find something better to follow up the pant-less metro riders, especially with that picture I posted.   Did anyone else, at first glance, think the girl in the comic underpants was wearing “white” tights/leggings??  I am pale and I know it, but that girl is freakishly pale and I actually applaud her, however unflattering, for ripping off her pants and riding the metro with those ghost legs.)

Ok!  Onto the real post.   A co-worker sent me this quiz today, which I already forwarded on to some of you, but if not here it is…

Yankee or Dixie? 

I may have grown up in Virginia for most of my life (excluding my 3 year vacation to Key West), but I have never really considered myself “southern”.   When people would point out that I was from “south”eastern Virginia, my argument would be that I was from Virginia Beach, which because of it’s beachy and coastal feel is not really southern, even though it is technically located in the south.   This claim always seemed to make sense to me, and even to this day I have never wanted to call myself southern, but after taking this quiz I guess I can’t hide it anymore, it is time to embrace my heritage.   I am truly a “southern” girl! 🙂

Although most of my answers seemed to result in “southeast” or “atlantic coast” responses, I was shocked that my answer of “feeder road” came with the result “Local to Houston and the eastern great lakes”.  Where the heck did I pick up that term??   However, I think the one result that made me chuckle was when my reponse “rolling” in terms of toilet papering someone’s home came back with the result “From the DEEP south”.

82% Dixie isn’t bad, and I have to admit I am somewhat proud to be slightly southern, besides, the south is where the nice people are!    Anyone want to come over for some fried chicken and mashed potatos later?   How about a trip to the Brew Thru in our pa”jam”mas and then picking up the roly polies from the lawn before our yard sale.

My new term for myself…. “urbanized southern”.

How dixie or yankee are you??