Daily Archives: 8 January 2008

BCS National Championship

Just a little note to let everyone know that I am glad LSU kicked the crap out of Ohio State last night.

First, at least it makes our 49-7 debacle of a loss to LSU earlier in the season look slightly more respectable, at least we got steam rolled by the #1 team in the country, not some unranked no-body like Standford-USC.

Second, I always try to root for the ACC for conference loyalty, but if I had to root for anyone else it would be the SEC.  I think we can all agree that the SEC is a powerhouse football conference and always has been. Year after year they have some of the best teams in the nation.  Although I’m not a fan of LSU, especially after they embarassed our program on the national stage, I would root for them over Ohio State anyday.

Third, this just proves how weak the Big 10 conference really is.  Two years in a row Ohio State has been hyped to no end and made it to the Championship game only to crumble to the lower ranked team.   Might I also point out that two years in a row they have been slaughtered by SEC teams. (one more point in the bucket for the SEC).   If the ACC ever dissolves due to lack of talented football programs I would hope the SEC would be our next step.

Good job LSU!  Thank you for telling all those midwest buckeye wanna bes (*most buckeye fans did not attend Ohio state, but just happen to live in Ohio…lame!) to go home!   Thank you for making your trounching of VT all the more respectable, we needed that slight boost after our poor showing in the Sugar Bowl.

My one hope for next year…VT to rip open the lead in the ACC, make it to the Orange Bowl again, or better yet the National Championship only to play against LSU and get some redemption, but again, congrats to all you LSU Tiger Fans, if only you would stop chanting that annoying “Tiger Bait” thing we might actually be friends.

Frank Beamer for President 2008!  I believe!