Daily Archives: 4 January 2008


Another disappointing end to what could have been an amazing Hokie football season.   Why did we kick an onside kick with almost 3 minutes left in the game and 2 time outs remaining??   The entire Hokie nation knows that we suck at recovering on-side kicks, especially when we are the kicking team, you would hope that Frank Beamer would be aware of this as well.  We basically handed them the game when we kicked the ball directly into their arms.   Hooray for yet another bowl game collapse.  To top off a miserable night I had a $25 parking ticket waiting for me on my windshield after the game.

With last nights events this marks 3 straight days or bad luck.  Perhaps all those years of living with a black cat crossing my path are finally catching up with me.    Any suggestions on raising my “luck” factor??