on the edge of 2007 & staring into the depths of 2008

**( Warning: this is going to be a long & negative post, I have a lot to get off my chest, if you aren’t up for it or may get offended (Mom!) by anything I type please close your browser now or proceed to the “Pint-Sized Pup Playgroup” link to see pictures of cute little dogs)

Come every December 31st we all sit back and reflect on the previous year and think of how we’re going to change things in the next.    I, like every other person did this exact thing.   I reflected on 2007 about the few good times, the many bad times, the mistakes I made, the stupid things I did, the smart things I did, the laughter, the tears, the football, the vacations, the dogs.   Then I looked forward to 2008 thinking of the great things I was going to, the best decisions of my life, the great opportunities.   We always reflect on the negative of the previous year and look forward to the positive of a new year to come.

Here is 2007 @ a glance:  (brutally honest)

  • January, February, March 2007.  I met an awesome guy at the end of 2006, which started off 2007 with a bang.  The first couple months of the year are a blur.  I have finally found “the one” and life can’t get any better than this.  Well, it can’t, it gets worse.  By April 2007 we end things after just 6 months and my faith in true love has fallen to an all time low.  I am convinced that I ruined my one chance at true love and resort to binge drinking and drunkenly signing up for match.com.  Hooray for heartbreak!
  • end of April 2007, got a new puppy, Lane.  She’s amazing.  I love her to death and wouldn’t change anything. Yes I will admit that I made the decision on a whim, on a chance that getting a new puppy would make all the bad things go away and heal everything.  It didn’t, but I love her  anyway and Brodie got the little sister he never knew he wanted.  It worked out in the end.
  • May/June 2007, feeling that maybe there is hope.  Hope for love, hope for righting all my wrongs of past years, hope of getting back on my feet and changing my life in a huge way!   I begin the “Life is great and everything is positive” outlook.
  • July/August 2007.  Being continuously happy is exhausted.  By this time I’ve resorted to dying my hair a horrific color of blonde that I am still trying to correct today.  I haven’t slept in weeks due to a crazy screaming puppy (yes she screamed!) and other things on my mind that just didn’t stop.  I’ve stormed back into my “beer can fix anything” phase and although at sometimes fun I’m not making the smartest decisions.  Plus add another10 lbs onto the already 20 I’ve gained since moving to Northern Virginia.   Life is grand.
  • Sept 2007.   Hokie Football season is finally here.  Everything else takes the back burner as a gear up for one of my favorite seasons and what I sometimes feel is the only thing that keeps me happy in this crazy mixed up world.  GO HOKIES!
  • October 2007. Sept is a whirlwind of driving to and from Blacksburg, tailgating, and great times at football games.   It is nice to keep my mind off things, although by driving over 1600 miles alone on the boring stretches of interstate that connect “nova” to Blacksburg I am bound to do some thinking and pondering and probably too much for my own good.   A mid-month excursion to Seattle to visit the sis & bro-in-law deems to be great for moral.   I fall in love with Seattle and quickly announce I’m finding a job and moving west.  On a side note… I’ve gotten myself into a tricky “personal” situation which although working out, is causing more mental harm than good.   Once again my poor decision making skills at their best.
  • November 2007.   I’ve realized that my 2007 resolution to lose weight and get in shape has resulted in more beer drinking, more smoking, and more eating than I have done since college.   I’ve always been a procrastinator but this time I think I took it too far.  It’s too late to start a diet now with Thanksgiving and Christmas approaching (who am I kidding!) I guess I’ll try that resolution again next year.   More Hokie Football keeps me upbeat and going.  Still researching jobs in Seattle and convincing myself that I need to move “now” to make life better and that “yes” I can survive that far away from Hokie Football.
  • December 2007.  I have ceased my job search in Seattle.  Who am I kidding, I am in no financial position to pick up and move to the west coast, plus I am not mentally ready to give up my Fall ritual of tailgating and screaming in Lane Stadium.  Time to be realistic.   Christmas comes and goes, 2008 is fast approaching and I’m stuck in the same rut that i promised my self in 2005 I would get out of

Let’s face it, 2007 wasn’t my year.   2008 started 3 days ago and already it’s worse than 2007, if you can imagine that.   I’m wishing for a great Hokie Football victory tonight in the Orange Bowl to boost my spirits.  Maybe 2008 really is my year and I’ve just tripped over the last garbage lingering from 2007.  Let’s hope so.  I have high hopes for this year, so wish me luck.


4 thoughts on “on the edge of 2007 & staring into the depths of 2008

  1. Wow… that made me depressed. Can we hear more about the good things that happened in 2007?

    After last night’s debacle, has that done anything for your mental preparedness to move to the West Coast?


  2. Sorry, didn’t mean to depress you. As far last night debacle against Kansas yes it may have given a few more points to the “Move West” file, but I think I need to stick it out one more year. If Tyrod doesn’t shape up and play like the #1 prospect he was next season I might very well head to Seattle.


  3. I don’t think people are “lucky” or “unlucky”. I do think you can make your own good luck by focusing on the good things in your life and making those things that make you happy more of a priority. (And I don’t mean things that make you temporarily “happy” like alcohol.) You can’t move forward into the future if you keep holding on to the past….which I think you might have finally realized. It takes inner strength to move past some things and I know you have that potential….even if you don’t always think you do. I believe that 2008 will be a great year for you….give it your best shot!


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