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Yankee or Dixie?

(*First…it has taken me quite a while to find something new to post about.   How could I possibly find something better to follow up the pant-less metro riders, especially with that picture I posted.   Did anyone else, at first glance, think the girl in the comic underpants was wearing “white” tights/leggings??  I am pale and I know it, but that girl is freakishly pale and I actually applaud her, however unflattering, for ripping off her pants and riding the metro with those ghost legs.)

Ok!  Onto the real post.   A co-worker sent me this quiz today, which I already forwarded on to some of you, but if not here it is…

Yankee or Dixie? 

I may have grown up in Virginia for most of my life (excluding my 3 year vacation to Key West), but I have never really considered myself “southern”.   When people would point out that I was from “south”eastern Virginia, my argument would be that I was from Virginia Beach, which because of it’s beachy and coastal feel is not really southern, even though it is technically located in the south.   This claim always seemed to make sense to me, and even to this day I have never wanted to call myself southern, but after taking this quiz I guess I can’t hide it anymore, it is time to embrace my heritage.   I am truly a “southern” girl! 🙂

Although most of my answers seemed to result in “southeast” or “atlantic coast” responses, I was shocked that my answer of “feeder road” came with the result “Local to Houston and the eastern great lakes”.  Where the heck did I pick up that term??   However, I think the one result that made me chuckle was when my reponse “rolling” in terms of toilet papering someone’s home came back with the result “From the DEEP south”.

82% Dixie isn’t bad, and I have to admit I am somewhat proud to be slightly southern, besides, the south is where the nice people are!    Anyone want to come over for some fried chicken and mashed potatos later?   How about a trip to the Brew Thru in our pa”jam”mas and then picking up the roly polies from the lawn before our yard sale.

My new term for myself…. “urbanized southern”.

How dixie or yankee are you??

Pant-less Metro riders

If you were one of the thousands of people riding the Washington Metro system on Saturday around 4pm, you were in for a big (or small…) surprise.   Riders in DC joined in the National Improv Stunt called “No-Pants Subway Ride 2008”.   The Express paper, and Washington Post both had articles about the event and photos to boot.   If anyone ever told me I’d see pant-less people in the metro stations in DC, I would’ve laughed my head off.

I only wish I had known about this event.  I might have been compelled to get gutsy and join the ranks of pant-less subway riders all over the nation.   The Article in the Express is quite funny.   I like that an old woman told one rider he was “going to hell”.   I think that is a bit harsh for a guy riding the metro in his boxers.

I support the “no-pants” world.  I think it’s awesome.   How many times have you gone to a fast food place or grocery store, where on the door a sign reads “Shirt & Shoes Required”.  This same sign is posted at Metro stations, yet there is no legal requirement for “pants”, so the riders of this stunt were no legally bound to be wearing pants.   I bet this disappointed the police who tried to discourage the stunt.

I’m a little disappointed that not only did I not have prior notice to participate, but I would’ve just liked to be on the metro to see the debacle.  It was probably hilarious, and a great conversation starter to meet new people in the city.  Who knows…my future husband could’ve been riding the metro this weekend pant-less, but I guess I’ll never know.

Hope everyone has a great week.  Go pant-less!   woohoo!!

My secret addiction…

Some of you might already know this, but for those of you who don’t I thought it was only time to come clean.  What is a fresh year with new resolutions without a little support from friends & family on one of your biggest addictions?   For months I have been in denial on how bad my addiction has become.   I’ve closed the blinds and locked the door to keep my secret safe.   I’ve been secretive and dodge questions when asked by suspecting friends, but it’s getting harder and harder each day to hide and I’m getting to the point that a full-fledged intervention might be my only hope.   So here I am, on my blog, finally ready to come clean.

Hi, my name is Maria, and I’m addicted to Hannah Montana!    (*I can feel the sting of gasps, then silence, then outrageous laughter after I utter these words).

That’s right folks.  at the ripe age of 25, I am addicted to Hannah Montana.   It all started by accident.  I had never heard of this “Hannah Montana” character that is a huge hit with the 7-14 year olds on the Disney Channel.   I was just casually flipping through the channels late one night while laying in bed and saw “Billy Ray Cyrus” on the screen.  Yes, I actually stopped because I saw that man who once adorned a tremendous mullet and taught me the wonders of my “Achy Breaky Heart”.    After just watching another season of Dancing with the Stars fly by in which Bill Ray in all his glory danced for the disco ball trophy, I was intrigued to see this show in which he was starring on the Disney Channel.   I intended to stop for just a few seconds to check out his horrible acting skills, but for some reason I was drawn to the show.  A cute little sitcom about a girl who lives a normal life during the day but is a teen pop sensation by night.   How adorable!  Next thing I knew I found myself getting into bed night after night and flipping directly to the channel full of mickey mouse ears and watching eagerly as Miley turned into Hannah and Hannah turned back into Miley.

At first I thought, “what is the harm of watching 30 minutes of a cute little show late at night right before I fall asleep?”.  It was harmless at first but the addiction now pokes much deeper.   Now I watch Hannah Montana whenever it’s on, at 7pm, at 11:30pm and even on weekends when I’m home with nothing to do.   I recently downloaded the entire Hannah Montana album to my itunes and listen to on a daily basis while my coworkers unsuspectingly think I’m listening to the latest Kanya West songs.   I thought I had things under control, but Monday, when Hannah Montana was due to perform at the Verizon Center that night I found myself scouring Craigslist for any last minute ticket deals to the seasons hottest concert.   It was then that I realized I was in way over my head.

I’m sure many of you are rolling on the floor with laughter right now, but I’m scared that my addiction has gotten the best of me.   Is an intervention in the works, or perhaps someone can come to my house and block the disney channel without my knowledge.  Either way, I’m reaching out to you, my family, my friends for help.  It feels good to come clean, but all I want to do right now is rush home and check if my DVR has picked up any new episodes that I have yet to see.   Yes, I have even put Hannah on my DVR list.

I”heart” hannah montana! help!

BCS National Championship

Just a little note to let everyone know that I am glad LSU kicked the crap out of Ohio State last night.

First, at least it makes our 49-7 debacle of a loss to LSU earlier in the season look slightly more respectable, at least we got steam rolled by the #1 team in the country, not some unranked no-body like Standford-USC.

Second, I always try to root for the ACC for conference loyalty, but if I had to root for anyone else it would be the SEC.  I think we can all agree that the SEC is a powerhouse football conference and always has been. Year after year they have some of the best teams in the nation.  Although I’m not a fan of LSU, especially after they embarassed our program on the national stage, I would root for them over Ohio State anyday.

Third, this just proves how weak the Big 10 conference really is.  Two years in a row Ohio State has been hyped to no end and made it to the Championship game only to crumble to the lower ranked team.   Might I also point out that two years in a row they have been slaughtered by SEC teams. (one more point in the bucket for the SEC).   If the ACC ever dissolves due to lack of talented football programs I would hope the SEC would be our next step.

Good job LSU!  Thank you for telling all those midwest buckeye wanna bes (*most buckeye fans did not attend Ohio state, but just happen to live in Ohio…lame!) to go home!   Thank you for making your trounching of VT all the more respectable, we needed that slight boost after our poor showing in the Sugar Bowl.

My one hope for next year…VT to rip open the lead in the ACC, make it to the Orange Bowl again, or better yet the National Championship only to play against LSU and get some redemption, but again, congrats to all you LSU Tiger Fans, if only you would stop chanting that annoying “Tiger Bait” thing we might actually be friends.

Frank Beamer for President 2008!  I believe!

“Could cloth a small nation”

If I had a dollar for every time my mother told me I had enough in my closet to cloth a small nation I’d be a multi-millionaire by now. If only I had listened.  One of my New Year’s resolutions is to shop less and clear out more.  I had a yard sale in August in which I made over $400 selling all the junk I had in my tiny one bedroom apartment that I didn’t need or use. You’d be amazed at how much stuff I still have in my house. Recently I decided to clean out my closet “again”, I feel like it’s a never ending job. I’ve posted an ad on craigslist for an open house closet sale on Saturday. I have enough clothes to provide a brand new wardrobe for at least two people. I’m hoping to make a couple hundred dollars and then donate the rest to a homeless teen shelter. My dining room in the mean-time has turned into a small boutique of clothes, shoes, purses, and a few extras. If only I had listened when people told me to stop shopping! The sad thing is that my closets are still so full that I can’t fit everything in. Making one more sweep tonight to clear out anything I haven’t worn in over a year. Anyone want any clothes??

A side note for everyone who is thinking that I’m greedy to try and sell my clothes rather than donate them all.  Here is the deal…some of the clothes are Brand New with tags, from name brand stores, or barely worn.  (*Yes I know this is sad and disgusting that I’ve had such a shopping addiction that I have things that I’ve never worn).  Also, I do not itemize my taxes, so I get no deduction or money back for charitable donations.  Therefore, I’m not being greedy, just trying to make some money to help pay for the theraphy I may need if I fall off the shopping addiction wagon.   Is there a support group for this?


Another disappointing end to what could have been an amazing Hokie football season.   Why did we kick an onside kick with almost 3 minutes left in the game and 2 time outs remaining??   The entire Hokie nation knows that we suck at recovering on-side kicks, especially when we are the kicking team, you would hope that Frank Beamer would be aware of this as well.  We basically handed them the game when we kicked the ball directly into their arms.   Hooray for yet another bowl game collapse.  To top off a miserable night I had a $25 parking ticket waiting for me on my windshield after the game.

With last nights events this marks 3 straight days or bad luck.  Perhaps all those years of living with a black cat crossing my path are finally catching up with me.    Any suggestions on raising my “luck” factor??

on the edge of 2007 & staring into the depths of 2008

**( Warning: this is going to be a long & negative post, I have a lot to get off my chest, if you aren’t up for it or may get offended (Mom!) by anything I type please close your browser now or proceed to the “Pint-Sized Pup Playgroup” link to see pictures of cute little dogs)

Come every December 31st we all sit back and reflect on the previous year and think of how we’re going to change things in the next.    I, like every other person did this exact thing.   I reflected on 2007 about the few good times, the many bad times, the mistakes I made, the stupid things I did, the smart things I did, the laughter, the tears, the football, the vacations, the dogs.   Then I looked forward to 2008 thinking of the great things I was going to, the best decisions of my life, the great opportunities.   We always reflect on the negative of the previous year and look forward to the positive of a new year to come.

Here is 2007 @ a glance:  (brutally honest)

  • January, February, March 2007.  I met an awesome guy at the end of 2006, which started off 2007 with a bang.  The first couple months of the year are a blur.  I have finally found “the one” and life can’t get any better than this.  Well, it can’t, it gets worse.  By April 2007 we end things after just 6 months and my faith in true love has fallen to an all time low.  I am convinced that I ruined my one chance at true love and resort to binge drinking and drunkenly signing up for  Hooray for heartbreak!
  • end of April 2007, got a new puppy, Lane.  She’s amazing.  I love her to death and wouldn’t change anything. Yes I will admit that I made the decision on a whim, on a chance that getting a new puppy would make all the bad things go away and heal everything.  It didn’t, but I love her  anyway and Brodie got the little sister he never knew he wanted.  It worked out in the end.
  • May/June 2007, feeling that maybe there is hope.  Hope for love, hope for righting all my wrongs of past years, hope of getting back on my feet and changing my life in a huge way!   I begin the “Life is great and everything is positive” outlook.
  • July/August 2007.  Being continuously happy is exhausted.  By this time I’ve resorted to dying my hair a horrific color of blonde that I am still trying to correct today.  I haven’t slept in weeks due to a crazy screaming puppy (yes she screamed!) and other things on my mind that just didn’t stop.  I’ve stormed back into my “beer can fix anything” phase and although at sometimes fun I’m not making the smartest decisions.  Plus add another10 lbs onto the already 20 I’ve gained since moving to Northern Virginia.   Life is grand.
  • Sept 2007.   Hokie Football season is finally here.  Everything else takes the back burner as a gear up for one of my favorite seasons and what I sometimes feel is the only thing that keeps me happy in this crazy mixed up world.  GO HOKIES!
  • October 2007. Sept is a whirlwind of driving to and from Blacksburg, tailgating, and great times at football games.   It is nice to keep my mind off things, although by driving over 1600 miles alone on the boring stretches of interstate that connect “nova” to Blacksburg I am bound to do some thinking and pondering and probably too much for my own good.   A mid-month excursion to Seattle to visit the sis & bro-in-law deems to be great for moral.   I fall in love with Seattle and quickly announce I’m finding a job and moving west.  On a side note… I’ve gotten myself into a tricky “personal” situation which although working out, is causing more mental harm than good.   Once again my poor decision making skills at their best.
  • November 2007.   I’ve realized that my 2007 resolution to lose weight and get in shape has resulted in more beer drinking, more smoking, and more eating than I have done since college.   I’ve always been a procrastinator but this time I think I took it too far.  It’s too late to start a diet now with Thanksgiving and Christmas approaching (who am I kidding!) I guess I’ll try that resolution again next year.   More Hokie Football keeps me upbeat and going.  Still researching jobs in Seattle and convincing myself that I need to move “now” to make life better and that “yes” I can survive that far away from Hokie Football.
  • December 2007.  I have ceased my job search in Seattle.  Who am I kidding, I am in no financial position to pick up and move to the west coast, plus I am not mentally ready to give up my Fall ritual of tailgating and screaming in Lane Stadium.  Time to be realistic.   Christmas comes and goes, 2008 is fast approaching and I’m stuck in the same rut that i promised my self in 2005 I would get out of

Let’s face it, 2007 wasn’t my year.   2008 started 3 days ago and already it’s worse than 2007, if you can imagine that.   I’m wishing for a great Hokie Football victory tonight in the Orange Bowl to boost my spirits.  Maybe 2008 really is my year and I’ve just tripped over the last garbage lingering from 2007.  Let’s hope so.  I have high hopes for this year, so wish me luck.