All I want for Christmas….

After a quite long hiatus from the blogshpere I decided to join up int he ranks again and thrill all you loyal readers with my christmas gifts and other tidbits.   I hope everyone had a great Christmas and is still chugging along to enjoy a good New Year holiday as well.

The Christmas holiday season tends to be a time to eat, eat, and eat some more.   I definitely did my fair share of eating.   I’m decided to finally get on a healthy track after the new year so I indulged myself even more than usual this Christmas.   I ate so much that I went up one pant size in 2 weeks, now that is an accomplishment.   My goal for the new year is to work out (on my new nifty portable elliptical I got) and eat better and LESS and hopefully shed 20lbs by summertime.  Wish me luck!  Those size 2 pants that have been in storage since college are itching to make an appearance.

Despite eating myself to near sickness, which I like to lovingly call a “food hang-over”, I enjoyed my Christmas very much.  I got to spend lots of time with Elizabeth and Eric, which is always a blast, and got the whole family to finally fall in love with my dogs!  Even Elizabeth let Lane sit on her lap, of course we have no pictures to prove it, but I promise you it happened.   I got some great gifts and some “silly” ones, but it’s always the thought that counts!!   Here is a quick run-down of some of my gifts……

  • digital camera…LOVE IT!
  • VT Fossil watch.
  • Grey’s Anatomy, Vol. 3 CD and ITunes GC
  • Ann Taylor Loft GC
  • Lots of VT Hokie Stuff, including a 15″ stuffed poseable Hokie bird that plays Tech Triumph!  (It’s gracefully sitting on the low wall of my cubicle for my whole office to stare at!)
  •  book, Marley and Me (about a dog of course)
  • other randomness such as socks, ornaments, frames, money, etc.

All in all it’s been a great Holiday season with one more uneventful New Year’s Eve to come.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone!! 🙂

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