Daily Archives: 24 October 2007

Virginia Tech wins the National Championship!

That is right folks.  Headlines read, “Virginia Tech wins National Championship“.   You are probably thinking that it is a bit premature considering there are 6 regular season games left in football and we have a tough schedule ahead of us.  I am just as optimistic as the next football fan about winning a National Championship title, but let’s be honest folks, I don’t think this is the year we do it.   In stead, Virginia Tech has won the National title in Bass Fishing.  Yes, I said, “bass fishing”.   Oddly enough this is the first year Virginia Tech has even competed in the event, affectionately known as “College Bass”.   The headline is deceiving, and confusing if all you follow is football, but hey! it’s one more title for the Hokies of Virginia Tech.   Hooray for bass fishing.

Just my luck. Vow of silence.

Tomorrow night is the biggest night in college football for the Virginia Tech Hokies.   We are ranked #8 and Boston College is #2.  It seems that ESPN likes us playing BC on Thursday nights just as much as we do.   The Golden Helmets of Boston College will roll into Blacksburg Thursday for a rare Thursday night match-up of two top 10 teams, and a game that will set the tone for the rest of the Hokies Season.   With the rate college football is going we could win out the rest of the season and even make it to the National Championship, especially if all the other teams around us keep dropping like flies.

Ok, here is the point of this posting.  If you’re a Hokie, or have ever been to a Hokie Football game, or have even just heard of what it’s like at a Hokie football game, then you know that screaming at the top of your lungs for 3 hours straight is mandatory in Lane stadium.   Thursday nights more than ever constitute screaming at the top of your lungs with extra gusto until you lose your breath and feel faint.   If you can talk in a normal tone the day after a Thursday night game then you did not do you job.  This brings me to me problem.  Just my luck I woke up today, Wednesday, the day before the biggest game of the season, with a soar throat and a raspy voice.  UGH!!   This is not cool.  I blame Northern Virginia and DC.  Yes, I am blaming an entire area of the state of Virginia on my soar throat and constant sickness.   Despite feeling like I want to crawl in bed and slep for a week, I know that my team needs me tomorrow night and I will not disappoint.

To prepare for tomorrow nights scream and yell fest I have taken a vow of silence today.  Yes, that’s right folks…I, Maria, have taken a vow of silence.   I’m sure most of you are rolling on the floor with laughter right now, but I’m serious!!   I am at work, with my headphones on as to distract me from conversations in my vicinity and luckily have no meetings or conference calls today.   How hard can it really be to remain quiet for one day?  Especially when the 2007 Hokie football season depends on it.   Oh, the things I will do for my football team.    GO HOKIES!!