What the “bleep” is going on w/ college football?

If only we knew that the first weekend of the 2007 college football season would set a tone for the rest of the season that would send teams spiralling in 20 different directions.  If only we had watched the division formerly known as “Div I-AA”‘s Appalachian State knock off #5 Michigan in “The Big House” knowing that by week 6 that would be the smallest upset in our minds. What is going with college football? Top 10 teams are dropping like flies to the likes of unranked teams and even teams in lower divisions. Teams who haven’t made an appearance in the top 25 in 20 years are now finding themselves in the top 5! If anyone told me in August that by week 7 the University of South Florida would be ranked #2, Boston College would be a close 3rd and the Big East’s  powerhouse Cincinatti (*note the sarcasm) would be in the top 25, I would have fell so hard off my chair and rolled on the floor with laughter for at least 45 minutes. Now, I sit looking at the rankings on ESPN with my jaw to the floor, thinking, “what is going on?”. My darling Hokies of Virginia Tech are ranked #11, which in any other season I’d be thrilled about or be arguing that we should be #10, but I will be honest, we do not deserve to be #11. I could probably name two of the top 10 teams that I think actually deserve to be there. This is the year of default rankings. Do the rankings even mean anything anymore? The only reason USF, BC, and WVU are in the top 10 is because every team above them has crash and burned and lost a game that they easily should have won.

Every team this season (with the exception of a very limited few, including VT) has won a game that on paper they should’ve lost (ex. see Standford as a 41-point underdog @ USC) and teams that should’ve easily won are losing games at home (see Oregon State vs Cal). No one is safe this season. The world of college football has been turned upside down to a point that each week on ESPN’s College Gameday the announcers have to come up with a slogan for the day such as “Insanity Saturday” where 7 of the top 13 teams lost to unranked opponents. Teams are upsetting a top 5 teams one week on the road, then losing to an unranked opponent the next. Even high school football powerhouse Duke has won a game this season, and I will admit that although the worry was tiny, that I was worried about our game versus Duke this past weekend.
In conclusion this season of college football has been crazy. I’ve been sitting on the edge of my seat each Saturday waiting for the next big upset, watching the clocks run down to the last second. Don’t walk away from the TV with 30 seconds on the clock thinking you know the outcome, because you don’t . Every season there is an “anything can happen” attitude, but this season it’s a curse. I will say it again, “no one is safe”. On any given Saturday (Thursday, Friday, Sunday, or even Tuesday) an unranked opponent can upset #1 or #2 and shift the universe of college football back into the tailspin is just recovered from the week before. Watch out…at this point even Div II teams could come back and make an upset.

Go HOKIES! I believe.

2 thoughts on “What the “bleep” is going on w/ college football?

  1. I couldn’t agree more… this year has been crazy. It seems like we say that every year now, but it keeps getting worse. In the future, I believe that this type of season will be the norm, rather than the exception. Parity reigns supreme in college football right now, and I believe the primary reason is because there are so many televised games. Ten years ago (heck, even 5 years ago) there were probably half as many games on TV. As you mentioned, now we have games on every night of the week except Monday. The “power” used to be centralized in college football because players wanted to be on TV, but that no longer distinguishes USC from Rutgers, for instance.

    One minor quibble with your post, though. VT has actually won a game this season that we weren’t supposed to win. According to Las Vegas and the bettors, we were supposed to lose to Clemson (5 point underdogs, I believe). So even VT has bucked the odds this season. Off the top of my head, we’re 2-4-1 against the spread, so we’ve certainly not lived up to the expectations of Las Vegas.

    I still think LSU is by far the best team in the country. They’ll end up winning the national championship this season… put it in the book.


  2. And the craziness continues!!! Another #2 team has come crashing down…..last night Rutgers beat USF….and partly by “trickery” — fake field goal that resulted in a touchdown pass……although USF should have seen that coming as earlier in the game, Rutgers had faked a punt. Playing at home….at night….on a Thursday….seems like a recipe for success!
    Hopefully another #2 team (Boston College will probably bump up to #2 this week) will feel the curse of the #2 ranking and will be beaten by the Hokies….on a Thursday….at night….at home!


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