crazy advertising

Have you ever seen a funny billboard or sign on the side of the road?   Perhaps you have received that infamous email forward loaded with snapshots of hilarious billboards and advertisements that make sexual innuendos or just plain do not make sense.    Either way, our country is riddled with advertising that makes us laugh whether is it meant to or not.   Sometimes advertising isn’t funny, but just out of place and just makes you think “who decided it was a good idea to post that sign there?”.

I usually determine most of the billboards in those email forwards to be fake or “photoshopped”, but I have myself come across a few things in my day that make me think that perhaps those emails are real.   Last night I was driving with a friend to Baltimore for a show and saw a billboard that caught my eye.   This particular board was in Maryland about 3/4 of the way between Washington and Baltimore on the B-W Parkway (295).     It doesn’t need much a decription, you can take it how you want, but here it is…..

Now, I understand the message is a good one.  Abstinence is  something every god-fearing person wants to drill into their child’s head, but I’m not sure this billboard is the correct way to go about getting that message across.    The other thing that bothers me about this billboard is the fact that the word “Virgin” is written in such a way that it looks almost “scary”.  It reminds me of something you would see written in blood on a bathroom mirror in one of the latest horror movies.    Are they trying to scare people??

2 thoughts on “crazy advertising

  1. It seems to me that they’re actually making virgin seem like a dirty word, which is diametrically opposed to the message of the advertisement. I agree, it’s kinda creepy…


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