I Love Chicago, but stuck in “NOVA”

Most of you know my recent plans to move to the great and wonderful city of Chicago.

Chicago is the home of the Cubs, the Bears (lots of furry animals), the world famous Merchandise Mart (Interior designers would appreciate that), Oprah, and world famous deep dish pizza and chicago style hot-dogs.   I love the city of Chicago and one day I still plan to move there, but for now I am stuck in dirty dirty Northern Virginia, or affectionantely known by the locals as “NoVa”.


Now, I am not stuck here or staying here for my job, or my apartment, not even for the money, but for a friend.   I am now naming myself the world’s best friend!!    As soon as I decided to pack up my belonging and trudge to the mid-west my old college roommate decided to move to DC.  This posed a dilemna on my side.  I want to move away, but now one of my best friends moved here.  He has since convinced me that I am never allowed to move away (as long as he lives here of course).   I’m not sure I can stay in this area for another 5 years or so, but I guess I can stick it out for a while to have some fun.  I will admit that the area is way better when you’re best friend is in the same town.  I am no longer a lone alcoholic on Tuesday nights, instead I can meet up with Chris and we can drink together, it makes it ok.

My next work in progress is dragging Chris to Chicago so he’ll fall in love with the city too and just want to move out there with me instead of me having to stay in this dreadful place.

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