The “Bachelorette”

I’m sure that everyone has seen, or at least heard of, the show “The Bachelor” .   I myself watched the first couple seasons.  Especially the seasons of “The Bachelorette” where females who did not find love on “The Bachelor” came back and turned the tables to find a man of their dreams.   I lost interest in the past couple seasons of the show.  The bachelors have left more to be desired and the piles of women fighting for their attention have not been thrilling.  However, this current seasons advertising of “the hottest bachelor ever” drew me in like any unsuspecting tv viewer and now I’m hooked.

I’ve tuned in loyaly each week to watch the gorgeous bachelor in high definition and all the sorority-type girls swoon over him.    Now, I myself have always had an itch to be on reality TV.   I always swore I would send in a video tape and be on The Real World one day, but since now I am too old for that show I had to find another television experiment to go after.  That is when I decided to go on The Bachelor!   Ok, so this is a crazy idea.  I do not fit the typical “bachelorette” mold of 5’6, skinny with long hair and perfect teeth, but I do have a great personality (by saying that i basically just called myself average, but oh well).   Either way, then I was thinking, do I really think I can compete with 25 other women for one guy?   Heck yes, I could compete, I am very competitive when it comes to my men, but I’m so short I fear that the bachelor would look right over me, literally.   This is when my dream got even bigger, not only will I be on the show but I WILL be “The Bachelorette”.   Woohoo!

Now I know this will be a long hard process, but with the luck I seem to have with men I might as well throw myself in the running and see what happens.  Speaking of running I better start hitting the gym, I need to lose 20lbs and tone up before my big television debut!   Feel free to go online and nominate me to be the Bachelorette.   Right now you can only nominate “The Bachelor”, but I plan to call the hotline to see when the net installment of the Bachelorette will be starting cause I will be there!

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