Hello people!   After a discussion on why exactly people have blogs to begin with and what the purpose is, I decided to dive into this technological world and start a blog of my own.  I will admit that the challenge to see who could draw more of an audience, me or my sister, to their blog was a big push, but I’m not even sure if she’ll start a blog.

Anyway, here I am…”blogging” for the first time.  WOOHOO!!   I haven’t exactly decided what I am going to dedicate my blog to, or if I will dedicate it to one purpose at all.  I may just write about things that interest me, or about my silly antics.   I will probably post about my dogs, or dogs in general, about Hokie Football, about silly things people do, and about the crazy UVA fans in my office who think they are really cool.

Warning:  I rarely type with proper gramma, or use the proper english language.  I also tend to skip over the whole “spell check” step, so if you are stickler for proper english and writing I guess you’ll have to steer clear of this blog.

Once again a big “HOLLA!” to the blog world.  I am here so let the blogging begin!

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